Surrogacy Intake Forms

Now that your application review call is completed, it is time to complete your Phase One intake forms including: your Medical History Summary, Medical Records Authorization, Insurance Verification Form and OBGYN/Midwife clearance to become a surrogate. We will also collect your most recent paystubs so that we can calculate your lost wages for when you attend appointments.

Amazing! All of your records have been received, reviewed and are in the process of being approved. To start Phase 2, we will be immersing you in quite a bit of education.  We will schedule a video call with your Case Manager to go over the Risks & Responsibilities of becoming a surrogate, review our Surrogate Agency Agreement, and complete the exciting part of creating your compensation and benefits package! You will also have a video call with our Agency Director, Ashlee Hammonds, to do a virtual home tour. This important step will allow her to get to know you and help make the best possible match with Intended Parents.

It’s time to hear about our waiting Intended Parents, build your profile and complete background checks! Your profile will be what your potential Intended Parents see to learn more about you. Your profile will include your demographics, previous pregnancy information, views on important matching topics and a letter to your potential Intended Parents. This profile will go along with your Match Terms, the document that will outline what you are expecting in compensation and benefits you made in Phase 2. This document will be provided to your potential Intended Parents and your attorney when it comes time for drafting contracts. You will have a chance to review and approve your Profile and Match Terms before they are shared with potential Intended Parents.

The best part about this phase – learning about who FMS believes will be the best match for you and viewing Intended Parent Profiles! After you review, you will be able to decide if you would like for FMS to share your Profile & Match Terms with the Intended Parents you choose.

It’s a match! Your Case Manager will assist you and the Intended Parents with setting up your medical screening. After you have been medically cleared with the IVF clinic and had your psychological consults, you will be cleared for the legal process. Your Case Manager will help you and your Intended Parents with referrals to an attorney for your gestational surrogacy agreement. After your GSA has been completed, the clinic will be notified and you will be cleared to begin cycling for transfer.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to beginning your surrogacy journey. We are rooting for you!

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