Become a surrogate

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Guaranteed $55,000 in compensation!

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Become a surrogate
Become a surrogate

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Become a surrogate

What do I need to know about surrogacy?

  • Surrogates are guaranteed $55,000 in compensation.
  • You can continue to work while being a surrogate! Surrogates are stay-at-home moms, nurses, teachers, and other professionals.
  • Gestational surrogacy uses the biological products of the intended parents and/or a donor.
  • The surrogate is not related to the baby!
  • Giving the gift of parenthood to someone else is rewarding for you & your family too!
  • Family Makers will guide & support you every step of the way – at no cost to you!

Tell me more!

Surrogates use their compensation to benefit their own family!

Guaranteed up to $55,000 in compensation as a surrogate!

Save to buy your first home!

Start your children’s college fund!

Go on your dream vacation!

Start a family rainy day fund!

Surrogate FAQs

As a surrogate, you will require an insurance policy that covers a surrogacy pregnancy. Family Makers will have your insurance reviewed to be certain that all bills for the pregnancy and delivery will be covered with your current policy. If you policy will not cover the surrogacy pregnancy, Family Makers will assist you in obtaining a usable insurance policy. Should an insurance policy need to be purchased, Intended Parents would pay for the premium on the policy.

Most states do not currently have laws specifically permitting gestational surrogacy.  Some states specifically restrict it, some have statutory language addressing surrogacy, and others are silent on the topic completely.  Many times, it is up to each individual judge on a county level to determine enforceability of surrogacy contracts and establishment of parentage.  Because of this, it is extremely important to have legal representation from an attorney experienced in surrogacy and familiar with each courts’ preferences and requirements.

Absolutely! The Intended Parents want to support you, and be as involved in the journey as everyone is comfortable with. Surrogates often send the Intended Parents photos and videos of their growing belly. Intended Parents may attend appointments and will be at delivery.
No, you will never pay any out-of-pocket costs associated with surrogacy. Your health insurance will cover the prenatal and delivery costs. The Intended Parents will pay for any associated co-pays and the IVF costs.
Yes, you will need to take medications to prepare for the embryo transfer. Not every protocol or every medication works the same way for each person. What may work for one Surrogate may actually cause problems with another. Once we know what Intended Parents a Surrogate will be matched with, Family Makers reviews what medications will likely be required with the Surrogate so that she feels adequately prepared for what to expect. The medications often include birth control pills, estrogen, Lupron and progesterone.
Yes, you will be represented by your own attorney during the legal process and drafting your gestational surrogacy agreement with the Intended Parents. The Intended Parents pay for your representation.
Yes, you will need to plan to travel for screening and the embryo transfer. Typically each of these appointments is 2 days. As always your travel expenses and lost wages are paid for by the Intended Parents.
Intended Parents will also meet with a psychologist prior to pursuing surrogacy to discuss all of the mental health considerations in the process. Your gestational surrogate agreement will also explicitly note in legal terms that the parents are required to take home their baby and that the surrogate is not legally responsible. You can rest assured that Intended Parents have been waiting for delivery day, often for years, and cannot wait to bring home their baby.
Sometimes, although it isn’t very common. Intended Parents and surrogates may live in the same state, within a few hours drive, or a quick plane trip away. Family Makers finds that no matter what the distance is, if everyone is open to developing an organic relationship the journey will be amazing. No matter how far apart Intended Parents will always be present for delivery. Family Makers also only works with Intended Parents in the United States.
In rare circumstances you may be asked to terminate a pregnancy due to health complications or a risk to your own health. Prior to matching with Intended Parents, it will be discussed with you, and the Intended Parents to be sure everyone is on the same page and has the same beliefs when it comes to termination. While we hope that nobody is ever in this position, Family Makers will guide all parties through a difficult decision like this along with the health care professionals.
Absolutely! Surrogacy utilizes the process of IVF for the embryo transfer. Your eggs are never used with gestational surrogacy and the embryo is implanted directly into your uterus.

Family Makers is proud to share many amazing success stories for the families and Surrogates who have worked with us!  One of the first questions Intended Parents ask is us what our success rate is for bringing home a baby.  Because we work with a variety of clinics with a variety of success rates, we cannot take credit if a journey is successful.  What we can do is ensure that the Surrogates we work with have the highest qualifications and criteria for helping families who depend on them.

We are proud to say that 80% of our Surrogates get pregnant and have a live birth from their first transfer attempt.  20% of the women we work with are experienced Surrogates, while the remaining are doing it for the first time.  We have not experienced a difference in success rates between those who have had previous journeys and those who are first-time Surrogates.  Check out testimonials from those who have worked with us throughout our website, on our Google business page, and on Facebook!

Become a surrogate

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Become a surrogate

I always felt informed respected and supported!

“As an L&D nurse, I didn’t think there was anything in this world like witnessing someone meet their child for the first time. Being the person to make that happen? THAT was one of the most amazing moments of my life. Family Makers listened to everything I said wanted in a match. I was never a number to them and the family I helped was a perfect match. I always felt informed, respected, and supported. It was truly one of the most profound experiences of my life!” – Sarah, Surrogate from Georgia


Surrogacy Info Recap

  • Surrogates receive $55,000+ in compensation (base pay and additional compensation for milestones)
  • Family Makers offers custom compensation packages
  • Dedicated one-on-one support with a Case Manager
  • All Intended Parents based in the United States
  • Quick matching time with Intended Parents
  • An experience of a lifetime, changing lives forever

We know you can do this, and we can’t wait to meet you!