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Ashlee Hammonds
Founder & Previous Intended Parent

About Us

Founded by former Intended Parents, we understand that gestational surrogacy comes with many decisions. Picking the right surrogacy agency, the right fertility clinic, and the right Surrogate are extremely important in encouraging a successful journey. We strive to go beyond our role as a responsible business by connecting with our clients on a very personal level and that is what makes us one of the top surrogacy agencies in the US.

As an Intended Parent herself, our Founder and Program Director Ashlee Hammonds understands the importance of offering transparent, affordable, and straightforward fees, as well as realistic timelines, continuous support, and thoughtful matching. We offer affordable programs to meet the needs of those we work with, rather than following a cookie-cutter approach.

Family Makers Surrogacy began by supporting those primarily in the greater Atlanta, Georgia and Southeastern states, and are proud to now assist Intended Parents throughout the United States and abroad to find their perfect match.

top surrogacy agency in the US

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Intended Parents’ Success Stories

Very successful journey with Family Makers.

Very successful journey with Family Makers. They are extremely hands on and honest. I highly recommend.

- Danielle T.

We are forever grateful for Family Makers.

My story began 15 years ago when I finally decided to consider surrogacy as a way to having a family. As each year rolled by I found out that the fertility journey is not easy. I discovered the road was pretty complicated and super expensive. I faced several disappointments in searching for a surrogate and went through a significant amount of savings. I was about to give up but my desire for a family kept me searching and I found Family Makers. What was amazing was their affordability and that they would not only find a suitable surrogate but they would handle all the legal and personal details throughout the journey through the birth of our child! Family Makers exceeded our expectations in their very personalized service and dedication. What had taken me 15 years to find an appropriate surrogate, happened in about four months! Finally, we had our surrogate! Once they found our surrogate, the agency managed the entire process through to the birth of our baby girl! Our minds, hearts and nerves were put at ease throughout the journey because Ashlee and her team at Family Makers was there for us taking care of everything! We are forever grateful for Family Makers and their commitment to making miracles and happy families around the world! Thank you Family Makers!

- Dianne S., Anthony M., and Baby Girl Destiny

Both surrogates … loved working with Family Makers.

Ashlee was available to answer any questions or concerns pretty much day or night. She suggested ways for us to save money, and helped us make a financial plan so that we could prepare as much as possible. Four months after bringing home our baby, we got a phone call saying that insurance had come back and denied all claims despite having written verification that the policy should have covered everything. I am so thankful that we had someone to help us navigate all that, help us refile all the claims, and for all the followup it took until it was taken care of even though that first journey had been long over. I understand that a lot of people don’t need so much support, but infertility and surrogacy is a very lonely and difficult experience sometimes for me and it’s nice to just be able to pick up the phone or send a text and feel like I have someone who “gets me” to talk me through whatever is happening. I think it says a lot when an agency is there through not just good times, but difficult ones too. I know both surrogates we have worked with have told me over and over how much they loved working with Family Makers as well.

- Jennifer H.

You absolutely won’t regret putting your journey in Ashlee’s capable hands.

Ashlee is an extremely knowledgeable and highly respected member of the surrogacy community. She is smart, compassionate, professional, and incredibly dedicated to helping intended parents and surrogates have amazing journeys together. Ashlee has firsthand experience as an intended mother, so she understands the struggles that many of us have faced with infertility, she knows what we need on the road to parenthood, and she knows exactly how to help intended parents and surrogates have the best experience. Ashlee is one of the few people I would trust completely to handle my delicate journey to motherhood, and I would highly recommend her to any surrogate or intended parent who is also looking for help. You absolutely won't regret putting your journey in Ashlee's capable hands.

- Carly S.

Ashlee was there for us and our Gestational Carrier every day and every step of the way.

I cannot thank Ashlee and Family Makers enough for my wonderful baby boy. Ashlee was there for us and our Gestational Carrier every day and every step of the way. She even answered all of my stupid questions and there were hundreds.

- Danielle K.

We are eternally thankful for our surrogate and Family Makers Surrogacy!​

Family Makers was instrumental in helping us fulfill our dream of completing our family! Not only did we get matched with the perfect surrogate for us, but Ashlee was also always there when we needed her, providing guidance and answering any and all questions we had. We are eternally thankful for our surrogate and Family Makers Surrogacy!​

- N & J