Our Agency Principles

Founded by former Intended Parents, we understand that gestational surrogacy comes with many decisions. Picking the right agency, the right fertility clinic, and the right Surrogate are extremely important in encouraging a successful journey.  We strive to go beyond our role as a responsible business by connecting with our clients on a very personal level.

As an Intended Parent herself, our Founder and Program Director Ashlee Hammonds understands the importance of offering transparent, affordable, and straightforward fees, as well as realistic timelines, continuous support, and thoughtful matching. We offer a variety of affordable programs to meet the needs of those we work with, rather than following a cookie-cutter approach.

Family Makers Surrogacy began by supporting those primarily in the greater Atlanta, Georgia and Southeastern states, and are proud to now assist Intended Parents throughout the United States and abroad to find their perfect match.  We are a supporter of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and SurrogacyFamily Equality Council, and RESOLVE.


We understand how scary it can be to trust a stranger to carry and delivery their baby safely.  No one but an Intended Parent can understand how much control you must give up, and how much trust you have to have in the process, during this process.   We also understand how Gestational Surrogates feel in undertaking a massive amount of responsibility and risk to carry a baby and trust that your experience will be a fulfilling one.

Screening Gestational Surrogates and Intended Parents isn’t just about criminal background checks, medical record reviews and interviews – all of which is part of the process.  It is also about ensuring that your match is trustworthy, committed to help you for the right reasons, and responsible.  Our rigorous application and screening process focuses on finding a match that not only meets the criteria required by the fertility clinic you are working with, but the preferences you provide to us for your ideal match.

To learn more about criteria and preference consideration that goes into our matching process, click here.

Personalized Support

No two journeys are alike.  Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates have their own expectations and needs from the agency they work with.  From screening, matching, embryo transfer and delivery, you are supported by our team and an assigned Case Manager.  Intended Parents are supported by a former Intended Parent who understands their specific needs and perspective, while our Gestational Surrogates are supported by a knowledgable, experienced Surrogate who has completed her own journey and can relate specifically to their needs.

If you know very little about the surrogacy process and need constant support, or just need some extra handholding to ensure everything is done correctly, we tailor our support to meet your needs.  Our goal is to bring valuable knowledge and unending support during every single phase of your experience with us.  We are there to answer all of your questions and support you, from your first call with us until after your journey ends.

Legal and Financial Protection

About Family Makers Surrogacy baby handWe respect the incredible trust it takes to choose an agency for such a unique and complicated journey. Protecting funds and protecting your legal rights are of the utmost importance. Our unbiased approach to managing your journey means that Intended Parents and Surrogates have the opportunity to choose their independent legal counsel who specialize in surrogacy and reproductive law.  We are committed to recommending and working with the best attorneys who can negotiate the terms of your surrogacy contract and ensure your interests and wishes are represented.  By working in “surrogacy friendly” states, everyone involved can be confident that the Intended Parents are declared the legal parents of their baby with their names going directly on the birth certificate.

Funding your journey is a considerable investment, and it is equally important that money is protected and strictly managed.  Funding for the process is deposited into a protected account, and managed by an attorney or professional escrow manager that specializes in surrogacy arrangements.  All funds not earned or used are promptly refunded to our Intended Parents at the end of their journey.

Guiding you step by step throughout the process in a way only someone who has walked this path can.

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