Intended Parents

Choosing to Start Your Journey

There are so many ways to build your family, and each path is unique.  Surrogacy is no exception, and is truly one of the most exciting and interesting ways to have a child.  Because there is so much information out there about surrogacy, it can definitely be overwhelming and scary. Choosing Family Makers Surrogacy, an agency founded and overseen by a former Intended Parent, means that we have first hand knowledge about what Intended Parents need in order to plan financially and emotionally for what lies ahead.

Trust, compassion and open communication are the cornerstones for how we do business.  Having a stranger carry your child, in addition to expected and unexpected issues you must take into account, can create a lot of worry and stress.

Providing a step by step overview of the process, listening to your needs and expectations, and discussing each milestone can help feel you completely prepared for what lies ahead.   Support and understanding from someone who has been in your shoes can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your experience with surrogacy.  We offer a team approach with collaborative and open communication between our team, you, and your gestational surrogate as we walk with you side by side through every step of the process.  Whether you are pursuing surrogacy due to infertility, medical reasons, as a same-sex couple, or an international parent wanting the safety and security of surrogacy in the United States, our extraordinary team of Intended Parents and Surrogates are here to help make your path to parenthood a successful one.

Preparing for Your Journey.

Choosing Family Makers as your agency means that can count on receiving realistic and accurate information regarding each component of your journey. Whether it is explaining the differences between each state’s laws when it comes to surrogacy, to what costs can be expected throughout the process, our number one goal is for you to feel as prepared as possible.

Free Consult with Family Makers

Whether just beginning to research, to being a step away from starting your journey, a 1 hour free consult with our agency owner will address all your questions about surrogacy!

Matching with Your Surrogate

How are Intended Parents matched?  Take your first steps with us and learn what it takes to be approved as a Family Makers surrogate

Making a Baby through IVF

Surrogacy can be an abstract concept for those just starting out.  Learn what is involved in making a baby once you’ve found your perfect match!

Pregnancy & Birth

It’s taken a lot of time, emotions and energy to get here.  Learn about the legal and administrative ways we support you in preparation for your baby’s arrival!