Surrogacy in the LGBTQ community


How is surrogacy different for the LGBTQ community?

Surrogacy for the LGBTQ community can be incomparable and challenging in many different ways. Here at Family Makers Surrogacy we believe that everyone has a right to grow their family and we help to support that dream for everyone no matter their sex, race, age, gender identity, or relationship status. We have helped to build the families of numerous members of the LGBTQ community including same sex couples, single mothers by choice, and single fathers by choice.

Surrogacy For Same Sex Couples

Surrogacy for gay couples can include the following additional expenses:

– Additional genetic testing

– Use of an Egg Donor/Sperm Donor

– Compensation for an Egg Donor/Sperm Donor

– Restriction for surrogacy to states that are same sex friendly

Family Makers Surrogacy understands and supports everyone building their family how they feel is the best way to do so. We are also familiar with all states surrogacy laws and will ensure you are matched with a surrogate who resides in a state that supports surrogacy for same sex couples, because surrogacy laws vary greatly from state to state. We take extra care while screening surrogates to ensure that any surrogate profile you are presented with is supportive of same sex marriage and wants to carry for a same sex couple.

Surrogacy in the LBGTQ community
Surrogacy for the LGBTQ community

Surrogacy For Single Parents By Choice

Surrogacy for single parents by choice can be challenging for a few different reasons. Some states require an Intended Parent be married to be able to accept parentage of a child, which means you are restricted to states without such laws. It also means you will have to use some donor genetic material such as an Egg Donor or a sperm Donor. This person could be known or an anonymous donor, or you can also adopt embryos. However you choose to build your family, we are here to support you!

Family Makers Surrogacy will take the care needed to ensure that any surrogate profile presented to you understands that you are a single parent by choice and that they are supportive of that decision. We understand that becoming a single parent by choice is a huge decision and even bigger undertaking. Family Makers Surrogacy is here to help support you so that you and your surrogate always have someone to lean on during the journey. Our expert team and knowledge is priceless when it comes to such a major journey.

Why Parents choose Family Makers Surrogacy

Personalized Support

Personalized Support

No two journeys are alike. Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates have their own expectations and needs from the agency they work with. From screening, matching, embryo transfer and delivery, you are supported by our team and an assigned Case Manager. Intended Parents are supported by a former Intended Parent who understands their specific needs and perspective, while our Gestational Surrogates are supported by a knowledgable, experienced Surrogate who has completed her own journey and can relate specifically to their needs. ​

If you know very little about the surrogacy process and need constant support, or just need some extra handholding to ensure everything is done correctly, we tailor our support to meet your needs.Our goal is to bring valuable knowledge and unending support during every single phase of your experience with us. We are there to answer all of your questions and support you, from your first call with us until after your journey ends.

About Us

Founded by former Intended Parents, we understand that gestational surrogacy comes with many decisions. Picking the right agency, the right fertility clinic, and the right Surrogate are extremely important in encouraging a successful journey. We strive to go beyond our role as a responsible business by connecting with our clients on a very personal level.

As an Intended Parent herself, our Founder and Program Director Ashlee Hammonds understands the importance of offering transparent, affordable, and straightforward fees, as well as realistic timelines, continuous support, and thoughtful matching. We offer a variety of affordable programs to meet the needs of those we work with, rather than following a cookie-cutter approach.

Family Makers Surrogacy began by supporting those primarily in the greater Atlanta, Georgia and Southeastern states, and are proud to now assist Intended Parents throughout the United States to find their perfect match.

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Intended Parents’ Success Stories

Just wanted to share our experience with Family Makers in Atlanta, GA. Trying to find a perfect fit for an agency is one of the hardest first steps as an intended parent. Family Makers made our entire process perfect! The first meeting with Ashlee truly inspired us to move forward in the process knowing that they would be there for all of the hard parts. She soothed our worries, anxieties and fears and gave us hope to move forward in the process. ❤️

Ashlee and Ashley, our case manager were there for us every single step of the process- from prepping for our initial evaluations- to finding our amazing GC and even beyond delivery.

Once we matched, they took care of all of the details from the contracts to the hospital stay at delivery. Our only focus was preparing to meet our little miracle boy and building and growing our relationship with our GC. Not having to worry about the contracts, attorneys, etc allowed us to focus on our baby and our family!

We are so blessed to have worked with Family Makers and HIGHLY recommend them for your journey. ❤️

Elizabeth E

Highly recommend Family Makers agency. I am an intended parents and interviewed 3 other agencies. I felt Family Makers provides a more personalized experience. The owner, Ashlee, was also an intended parent and I felt that was so important to me. She’s gone through the experience and understands the whole process. She’s so knowledgeable about the big and small details and will give you advice. Our case manager was also so helpful and gives such great support to my gestational carrier. Family makers really makes sure every step is taken care of. I feel like I didn’t stress as much as I could have if I did this journey independently. Ashlee always answered my questions and picked up the phone whenever there’s an emergency. Everything went so smoothly and if I do another journey, I’m definitely going back to Family Makers. My family has a new baby girl and she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Family Makers.

Carmen Y

We cannot recommend Family Makers enough! We first spoke with them a full year before signing on and out of all the agencies we spoke to, Ashlee was the only one who would check in to see how we were doing periodically. We never felt pressured to make any decisions and were able to speak with current intended parents and surrogates going through their journeys.

After signing with them, we were presented with a very high quality match who ended up being perfect for us. Ashlee and Ashley were there each step of the way through a global pandemic and we never had a moments worry. Family Makers made our first journey so simple and clarified a very murky industry. They made sure everything was in place at the hospital and always took care of us and our surrogate. Even after everything was completed and our journey was over Ashlee continued to check in on us!

When we choose to do our second journey, we will return to Family Makers. Ashlee and her team truly go above and beyond. Thank you!

Martha T

Really great people here. My husband and I worked with a clinic in CT and found Ashlee to be superb in every aspect of our journey. The surrogate we were matched with was prepared and knowledgable about what to expect, which we really appreciated being her first time doing this. We were quite ignorant about surrogacy when we first contacted FMS, but Ashlee was so generous with her time in offering information and support, answering an endless list of questions and making us feel at ease. Costs and when to expect them were thoroughly explained and we were even provided reminders during each step so we always felt ready for what happened next. Our attorneys were great and easy to work with, and the escrow account setup was appreciated by my husband who really liked to track what was being spent.

All in all, this agency is top notch. The owner had a great relationship and involvement with our surrogate, which I feel helped strengthen our match and journey. The hospital treated us with respect as our child’s parents and was prepared for our arrival delivery day. Birth certificate received with our names timely and as expected. Our relationship with this agency was a positive and lasting one. We hope to use them again.

Sam M

Amazing support from an ethical agency. We were referred by our clinic and spent several months interviewing agencies before deciding to work with FMS. Our decision was largely due to their lower fee and the fact that the owner is an parent through herself. We clicked immediately and she gave me a lot of great information that other agencies didn’t touch on. I hadn’t done much research on what i should look for, so knowing what I know now I feel like i was really lucky in that respect.

Our first journey took just a few months to get matched and the profile presented to us was ideal for what I personally needed. I am an anxious person by nature, and it was great to have a match who helped calm my fears. Ashlee was available to answer any questions or concerns pretty much day or night. She suggested ways for us to save money, and helped us make a financial plan so that we could prepare as much as possible.

After saving for our second child, we decided to work with FMS again when our first match was unable to do a sibling journey. We never thought we would be as happy with a different carrier, but we were. This time we were matched with an experienced surrogate, and even though she wasn’t local, we’ve felt like good friends from the beginning and she made sure travel was easy for everyone. That has been the easiest part of this journey, but everything else has been really hard this time around. Our clinic got bought out and every single thing has been difficult, from communication to getting correct orders, to scheduling issues and delays, and now three failed transfers in a row. This whole thing has been one big nightmare, and this agency has been invaluable in supporting me and our surrogate through many disappointing emails and phone calls with our clinic.

Infertility and surrogacy is a very lonely and difficult experience sometimes for me and it’s nice to just be able to pick up the phone or send a text and feel like I have someone who “gets me” to talk me through whatever is happening. I think it says a lot when an agency is there through not just good times, but difficult ones too. I know both surrogates we have worked with have told me over and over how much they loved working with Family Makers as well.

Jennifer H

My story began 15 years ago when I finally decided to consider surrogacy as a way to having a family. As each year rolled by I found out that the fertility journey is not easy. I discovered the road was pretty complicated and super expensive. I faced several disappointments in searching for a surrogate and went through a significant amount of savings. I was about to give up but my desire for a family kept me searching and I found Family Makers. What was amazing was their affordability and that they would not only find a suitable surrogate but they would handle all the legal and personal details throughout the journey through the birth of our child!
Family Makers exceeded our expectations in their very personalized service and dedication. What had taken me 15 years to find an appropriate surrogate, happened in about four months! Finally, we had our surrogate! Once they found our surrogate, the agency managed the entire process through to the birth of our baby girl! Our minds, hearts and nerves were put at ease throughout the journey because Ashlee and her team at Family Makers was there for us taking care of everything!
We are forever grateful for Family Makers and their commitment to making miracles and happy families around the world! Thank you Family Makers!

Dianne S

We have a wonderful baby girl! Ashlee and her staff were very helpful and supportive!

Sherry M
LGBTQ Support