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Every journey to parenthood is different, so why should the services be the same?

At Family Makers Surrogacy, we promise to advocate for your best interests, to alleviate worry and stress during your journey, and to offer an exceptional experience at an affordable price.

Not everyone requires the same level of support during their journey, so we have customized three different programs outside of our full service program to meet your unique needs.

Choose a program that is right for you.

Full Service Program — $18,000*

This all-inclusive package is our most popular option and is recommended for intended parents who are new to surrogacy or experienced Intended Parents with limited time to handle all of the important details. Our staff will assist you throughout the matching process, offer professional guidance, administrative support, and relationship management between you and your surrogate to ensure your journey is smooth from matching to postpartum.

Independent Match Management — $14,500*

If you’ve found a potential surrogate on your own, but still need the expertise and support of an agency throughout the rest of your journey, this affordable option is for you. We will vet your match just like we do with our own surrogates and you will receive the same extraordinary support and services offered in the Full Service Program.

Matching & Set-Up — $12,000

Ideal for those who need assistance finding a match, this option is for those who want to do some of the work themselves but still wants to ensure all important steps are covered. We will help match you with a surrogate and support you both through medical screening, legal and first transfer attempt.

*An additional fee for international clients is applicable. Please ask a staff member for details.

Single Embryo Refund Program

We will give you a 30% refund if your transfer isn’t successful.

Surrogacy can be stressful, but when you only have one embryo left and one shot at becoming pregnant, it’s difficult to invest so much for one transfer. That’s why we started the Single Embryo Refund Program.

In the event that your one and only embryo transfer does not result in a pregnancy and you no longer wish to pursue surrogacy, we will refund 30% of the cost of our Full Service program fee to help minimize the financial impact of an already devastating situation. 

Do you qualify for our service member discount?

As an expression of our thanks, Family Makers Surrogacy proudly offers a 10% discount to U.S. active military

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