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How Much Do Surrogates Make

Those who have gone through this experience will tell you that nothing about a surrogate pregnancy is easy. It is a completely new and unique experience, much different than a naturally conceived pregnancy of your own. It takes understanding, a variety of medical procedures, time and continuous commitment to help a family in need.

Our parents come from a variety of financial backgrounds. While some are fortunate to have the ability to afford multiple journeys to grow their families, other parents have prepared and saved for years to get here.

Your compensation package should reflect your personal circumstances and goals. Our compensation packages are designed to provide you with the resources you need to reach your goals. That may be to pay off debt, put a downpayment on a new home, contributing to a college fund, or planning a dream vacation.

We understand that surrogacy is not for everyone. That’s why our compensation packages are tailored to each individual case. Learn more about what we can offer you and your family, or apply now

How Much Do Surrogates Make

Base Compensation: How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid, Really?

How Much Do Surrogates Make

As a Gestational Carrier, you receive so much more than providing this incredible gift of parenthood. Potential Surrogates are offered a base compensation amount, which is a flat rate that is agreed on before you match. This payment is not paid all at once, but throughout the surrogate pregnancy as monthly payments, acknowledging the commitment you and your own family are making to help someone. Those that have surrogacy experience as an experienced Gestational Carrier earn more.

In altruistic surrogacy, the Intended Parents and their Surrogate likely know one another personally before working with Family Makers. In these journeys, the average base surrogate compensation may be lower. Just like with a traditional match however, the Surrogate Mother still receives additional compensation for unexpected issues like an emergency c-section. Other benefits include coverage for medical expenses, miscellaneous pregnancy expenses, and a stipend for maternity clothes.

Base compensation for first-time Surrogates with Family Makers Surrogacy is guaranteed $55,000 for first time surrogates.


In addition to a monthly base compensation that begins a confirmation of fetal heartbeat, there are also milestone bonuses and allowances provided – some even prior to becoming pregnant.

The fee schedule below is an example of what additional benefit values can look like. Family Makers will work with every Surrogate to meet her financial goals with a personalized, comprehensive benefits package for her specific situation.

$500.00 Payment for Starting Cycle Medications

$1,000.00 Payment for Completing an Embryo Transfer Procedure

$300.00 Monthly Allowance to cover out-of-pocket expense like prenatal vitamins

$750.00 Maternity Clothing Allowance to use during pregnancy or postpartum

$3,500 if a C-Section Delivery is required and you have never had a C-Section

$2,500.00 if a C-Section Delivery is required and you have had a previous C-Section

100% net lost wages for working moms who have to miss work during pregnancy

100% net lost wages for working moms during postpartum recovery

$500.00 weekly for childcare for moms who may require limited activity restrictions during pregnancy

$100.00 weekly for housekeeping services if limited activity restrictions are required during pregnancy

$250.00 weekly postpartum payment for providing breast milk to Intended Parents, if both parties are interested in extending their journey together beyond delivery. This can be a short duration up to a year, depending on your preferences, and the Intended Parents’ need for milk.

Travel reimbursement for medical screening, embryo transfer and any other surrogacy appointments

Reimbursement for any health supplies, prescription medications, and even pumping supplies

Comprehensive health insurance

100% of legal expenses related to your legal contract, as well as the Parentage Process

Any additional surrogacy-related expenses discussed with our team of surrogacy professionals

Experienced Surrogates

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Experienced Surrogates

While some surrogates feel that their compensation during their previous journeys met their needs, it may be appropriate to request a higher base compensation amount for future journeys. Intended Parents understand the possible benefits in matching with someone who has proven that they can responsibly administer medications, that their bodies have previously responded appropriately to hormone protocols, and that their surrogate thoroughly understands the surrogacy process.

In addition to offering a base compensation amount that you feel is appropriate, we hope to match any benefits you liked during your last journey, while making improvements to anything you didn’t care for. Match terms and compensation schedules are tailored and personalized whenever possible.

An experienced surrogate will be offered an increase in their base compensation of an additional $5,000 – $10,000 plus additional benefits outlined above.  Become a Surrogate with Family Makers today!

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