The Last Steps!

Congratulations on being approved as a surrogate with Family Makers! Your medical records have been received and approved by us (they will also be reviewed by the IVF Clinic), your background checks have been completed, and we can now begin creating your profile that we will share with prospective Intended Parents.

1) Match Terms & Fee Schedule: This document is a first draft, with matching terms and compensation calculated based off of the conversations we have had with you. Please review every item to ensure you understand and approve of them. This is extremely important, because it will ultimately be the document that Intended Parents see while considering you as a match. If they agree to your requests, this document will later be shared with the attorneys who will be drawing up the contract between you and your Intended Parents. The point of this document is that you are confirming you will not significantly change the terms you are committing to, nor will you increase any fees outlined. If you wish to make changes, please notify me of any corrections/edits and they will be made accordingly. Once everything looks good, you will receive a final version for your records.


2) Build Your Profile: Your profile will consist of a heartfelt letter written to your prospective Intended Parents, telling them first-hand a little bit about yourself. We ask that you take considerable time and reflection in writing this letter, including as much information as you feel comfortable sharing with them. Imagine searching for someone to carry the most precious thing in the world to you. Imagine what type of information you would want to know about the person carrying your baby. Things that should be included are where and what is was like for you growing up, your family background and where they are now, who do you consider part of your support system, your current relationship (if applicable), your hobbies, how you and your family spend your time, your hobbies, your typical diet/lifestyle. You will absolutely want to include WHY you want to be a surrogate – and if you have been one before, what your previous experience was like. Lastly, tell your IPs what you expect from the journey in regards to communication and involvement during your time together and after. Ask me if you need help. Don’t worry about it being too long or wordy. It’s always easier to take something out than for us to add something – you know yourself best! Once you have written your letter, please email to your Case Manager.

3) Discuss preparing for your journey with your OB: If you are not currently taking a good prenatal, vitamin D or birth control pills, consider speaking with your provider about starting them. Prenatals have excellent health benefits for those preparing for pregnancy, and many people are constantly deficient in vitamin D. If you have been told that your levels are low, 2000iu 1-2 times a day is usually sufficient. Your provider can confirm if it is recommended for you. While birth control pills aren’t necessary for all our candidates starting a journey, it can help regulate irregular cycles and prevent surprise natural pregnancies. If you have ever had a negative reaction to birth control pills (high blood pressure, blood clots, migraines, etc), please let your Case Manager know immediately.

4) Contact your local State Farm Agent: When reaching out, request that they provide you with a 10-year term life insurance quote for the benefit amount listed on your Matching Terms & Fee Schedule. If you are a working mom who is eligible for a short term disability policy, request that they provide you with a quote for monthly benefits equal to your monthly take-home pay. You specifically want a quote for a policy with a 30-day elimination period. Once they have provided you with a written quote for these policies, please email them to your Case Manager.