We all know that the decision to become a surrogate is not one you are taking lightly, and you may be considering becoming a surrogate for a number of reasons.

  • Having a personal connection to someone who has suffered with infertility
  • Being a parent is the most important job you’ve ever had and you want someone else to be able to experience that
  • A strong desire to help others. Maybe your profession is already one that takes care of others like a nurse, teacher or caregiver

While everyone’s decision to become a surrogate is ultimately very personal, there are a few steps that you should take before committing to the process. Keep reading this blog post from the experts at Family Makers Surrogacy to learn the top things to do to prepare to become a surrogate.

Top Ways to Prepare to Become a Surrogate

Speak With Your OBGYN:

Did you have healthy, full-term pregnancies that were free of complications? Would your OBGYN recommend you to carry a baby for someone else? Your OBGYN will be a large part of your support system during your surrogacy journey, and knows the most about your health during pregnancy. It is important for them to understand why you want to become a surrogate, and to have their medical approval to do so. Part of the screening process will include a letter of clearance from your current OBGYN.

Speak With Your Support Person:

Your support person can be your spouse, your family and your friends. You will want to be sure that your support network is available to help you with childcare should you experience complications like bedrest, or even to help administer injections during the IVF Process. Your support person should understand your reasons for wanting to be a surrogate, and fully support your decision.

Research, Research, Research:

You will want to be certain that you understand the commitment involved with becoming a surrogate for another family. The entire surrogacy process can be 12-18 months. You will go through medical screening, psychological screening, background checks and the IVF process before even becoming pregnant and delivering the baby you have agreed to carry. The commitment should never be taken lightly, and you should understand the potential risks to yourself, as well as restrictions that may be placed on you should there be complications that would affect your family. Family Makers is always a call or email away to answer any questions you have prior to applying to work with our agency.

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Your Health:

Be sure that your body is in good health prior to applying to become a surrogate. Your BMI should be no higher than 32 and you should lead a healthy, active lifestyle. You should not be on any medications for anxiety or depression. A healthier body = a healthier baby.

Do You Meet The Requirements:

The biggest piece to the puzzle before you begin your surrogacy journey, is to be sure you meet all of the requirements to become a surrogate.

  • 21 to 42 years of age
  • BMI of 32 or less
  • At least 1 full-term, healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • No more than 2 c-sections
  • Financially stable, not receiving any government assistance
  • Not currently taking any prescription medications for anxiety or depression

If you are ready to apply, you can find our full application through the button below. If you still have questions, we would be happy to speak with you, no strings attached. Please feel free to call us anytime, email info@familymakers.com, or contact us online.