Family Makers Surrogacy was privileged to support Whitney and her Intended Parents on their surrogacy journey. In early July, we were thrilled to welcome a perfect baby boy along side them, to the Family Makers Surrogacy family.

Surrogacy Birth

Becoming a surrogate
is one of the most incredible things a woman can do, while the process may not always be easy, the birth of the baby at the end is the largest reward. Thank you to surrogate Whitney and to Intended Mother Amy, for sharing your birth story and journey to surrogacy!

In Whitney’s Words:

Watching my Intended Mother’s face as she became a mom made every intense moment, day on bedrest, heartache and challenge to be a surrogate worth it. Every hardship I faced to throughout the process was also felt by her coupled with years of loss and struggle. It was such a beautiful moment, I am thankful to have these pictures to reflect on. Jude’s mom never left his side except for a brief moment while he was on the warmer- she walked over to squeeze my hand and to thank me. I am not quite sure how I didn’t just start bawling right then and there. There is something about helping someone accomplish a goal or a dream that cannot be replicated and you certainly cannot put a value on it. Very few things are as magnificent as a woman becoming a mom and watching it happen right in front of you is a very surreal experience that I will be forever grateful to witness.

I did have a delayed borderline postpartum hemorrhage that required continuous pitocin, miso, pumping, and the threat of hemabate to resolve. My other deliveries were very uncomplicated with no issues whatsoever- proof that every pregnancy/labor/delivery is a unique experience. This was by far my hardest delivery and the most physically demanding process I’ve ever done. But seeing Jude with his mom and dad immediately made it, by far, the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Little Jude was, size wise, right in the middle of my keeper babes: 6lbs, 13oz and 19.5in long. He came out crying and while he is the spitting image of his dad, I think he shares his mom’s crying face. They allowed him to go home at one day postpartum, so I got in some baby snuggles before he left and are planning a trip to see him and his family soon.

Here we are at the finish line, and they are easily now lifelong friends. Words can’t even begin to describe what this all has meant to me, what they mean to me- I love them and sweet baby Jude so much and I cannot wait to watch him grow through their eyes as parents.

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Amy’s Journey to Surrogacy:

We decided to try and start a family as soon as we were married. It happened much quicker than we anticipated and we were elated with the news. Adam literally jumped up and down when that pregnancy test turned positive. The pregnancy was picture perfect. All scans were normal and the baby and my body were following a text book pregnancy. We picked out names and planned his entire future; a soccer player or hockey player? Would he enjoy finance like his Dad and have a small cleft chin like his Mom? Then in a sudden and unexpected instant, this joy was all turned upside down.

After experiencing significate pains, I went to my OB. They sent me home stating I was experiencing Braxton Hicks. “Drink more water”, was their suggestion. A few days later I was bleeding and we rushed to the hospital. We heard those four words to which we would ultimately hear two more times in the preceding years, “there is no heartbeat”. Our baby boy, was born sleeping after I suffered a complete placental abruption. Those pains I was previously experiencing were internal bleeding and real contractions, not Braxton Hicks. We subsequently suffered two late term miscarriages after consulting the top doctor’s, laparoscopic endometriosis surgery, taking all the tests, all the shots, all the infusions and all the medicine available. We simply couldn’t bare the physical and emotional toll this was placing on us.

The surrogacy route started to speak to me, dropping hints into my daily life. I’d suddenly see TV shows centering on a surrogacy story, a magazine article feature at the checkout line and an overheard story while waiting at a doctor’s office. I’m a firm believer in listening to your instincts and being aware of signs to guide you.