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Surrogacy Medications – What, When & Why

“Do surrogacy medications include injecting needles?”

“What medications do I take for the surrogacy process?”

“Why do I need to take these medications to become a surrogate?”

If you are considering applying to become a surrogate, you need to understand what surrogacy medications you’ll be taking!

Needles – Not always! Not every medication protocol will work for every surrogate, or every cycle by the IVF clinic; however, anyone who is considering becoming a surrogate should prepare for injections to be required.  

Birth Control Pills – Yes! In addition to wanting to prevent an unplanned surrogacy during the screening and cycling phase, taking birth control allows the fertility clinic to control the timing of a Surrogate’s menstrual cycle in preparation for starting medications. Many clinics will recommend starting birth control pills as soon as medical screening is scheduled.

Estrogen is used to help build your uterine lining to prepare for the embryo transfer.

Lupron is used to help suppress your body’s ability to ovulate in the short term during the IVF cycle.

Antibiotics during the surrogacy process are sometimes used to help your body fight off any potential bacterial infection that could interfere with the embryo implantation.

Steroids are sometimes prescribed prior to the IVF transfer to prevent inflammation of your uterine lining and rejection of the embryo.

Progesterone is one of the most important medications you will need to take as a surrogate. It’s purpose is to help make the embryo stick to your uterine lining after transfer. It is taken for 8-10 weeks, until the placenta can support the baby.  In most cases, this is administered as an injection

Want to read more about the IVF process for surrogates? Visit our detailed IVF Process page to learn which of these medications sometimes require injections, and which don’t!

Curious what a typical surrogacy IVF calendar may look like for a surrogate? Check it out below!

Surrogacy Medications
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