Become A Surrogate In Florida

become a surrogate in Florida

Considering Surrogacy In Florida?

It is possible to become a surrogate in Florida with Family Makers Surrogacy, one of the top surrogacy agencies in the United States. Learn about becoming a gestational surrogate in Florida, and how Family Makers can support you on your surrogacy journey. As a gestational surrogate, Family Makers offers support during the entire process to you, and even after! It’s what makes Family Makers the best surrogacy agency in the country.

What type of women become surrogates in Florida?

If you live in Florida and you are interested in changing someone’s life by becoming a surrogate, you are in the right place. Family Makers Surrogacy has worked with a number of women from Florida who have become gestational carriers for Intended Parents in the United States. Women who apply to become surrogates from Florida are altruistic in nature, and ready to start the journey of a lifetime.

Surrogates are women who have had at least one full-term, healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, who enjoy being pregnant, and who know they are done building their own families. They are ready to give back in a meaningful way by become a gestational carrier for someone else.

How much do surrogates get paid in Florida?

Gestational Carriers in Florida can expect to receive a base surrogate compensation rate of $55,000 plus additional compensation for procedures, expenses, and milestones like medication start and transfer.

We understand that women who decide to become surrogates are altruistic, but that actual compensation is also an important factor. In additional to the base compensation rate that surrogates receive, there is extra compensation paid for a monthly allowance, the start of IVF medications, embryo transfer, maternity clothing and more. Family Makers Surrogacy will work with each gestational carrier to build a custom compensation package.

Contact us with your questions, and read more about surrogate compensation here.

What are the requirements to become a surrogate in Florida?

In order to become a gestational surrogate in Florida, women must meet the following requirements:

  • Has delivered and raised, or are currently raising, at least one child of their own.
  • Has had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, but no more than 5.
  • Is between the ages of 21-40 years of age.
  • Has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 32 or less
  • Is a legal citizen of the United States, or can provide documentation showing legal immigrant status that is valid for at least 3 years.
  • Is not currently receiving government assistance in the form of cash assistance, WIC, food stamps, public housing or section 8. Other forms of government assistance can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

See a full list of surrogate requirements here to determine if you can become a surrogate in Florida with Family Makers Surrogacy.

Why Florida is a great state to become a gestational surrogate

Understanding Florida Surrogacy Laws

Florida is a great state to become a gestational surrogate in because it has friendly surrogacy laws. Compensated surrogacy is permitted in Florida under Florida Statute Ch.724.15 FL Stat. A married couple can obtain a pre-birth order under Florida Surrogacy Law. An in-person hearing is not always required, and this can vary by county. Some judges may allow for the parties legal representatives to attend, or for the hearing to be completed by phone. Typically a birth certificate is received 4 weeks after delivery, and in most cases this can be expedited. Heterosexual couples, single parents and same-sex couples are all legally protected in Florida.

Premium Healthcare for Florida Surrogates and Intended Parents

Florida surrogates have access to expert medical care for monitoring, prenatal, and delivery during their surrogacy journey.
Shady Grove Fertility has been a leader in fertility treatments and family building for over 30 years has offices in Tampa, Brandon and Wesley Chapel.
Intended Parents in Florida, may choose to work with a fertility clinic below to support you on the surrogacy journey, and to help you with choose an egg donor or sperm donor if necessary. Surrogates in Florida also have access to their clinic of choice for monitoring, and cycling as they prepare for embryo transfer.
Florida is well known as the Sunshine State, and has a wonderful community of previous and current surrogates who can take advantage of renowned hospital care for delivery and prenatal care.

Steps to Becoming a Surrogate in Florida

How to Choose the Right Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy agencies are great resources for finding the perfect match. They help you screen potential intended parents and make sure you are matched with someone who has the same ideals as you for the journey. This is especially important when you consider potential for termination of a pregnancy, the number of embryos you would like to transfer, and your desired communication with your intended parent.
Surrogates should avoid searching for matches independently. Be careful when using social media and about potential matches on your own. Always vet potential couples yourself before choosing them.
You do not have to be matched with intended parents who live in Florida. Many matches happen across state lines, and intended parents and surrogate mothers are still able to have any type of surrogacy relationship they desire.
If you’re still uncertain about what you’re looking to find in a potential match, speaking with a Florida surrogacy expert like Family Makers Surrogacy, can help you better understand what to do next.

Applying to Become a Surrogate in Florida

There are a number of steps in the surrogacy process to becoming a first-time gestational carrier or repeat surrogate for someone before you go through the IVF process and transfer. We understand that you have a lot of questions about the surrogacy process and we are here to support you.

surrogacy agency in FloridaThe first step to starting your screening process with Family Makers Surrogacy in Florida and becoming a gestational carrier, is to complete our quiz. After completing your quiz, a team member from Family Makers will be in touch within 24 hours, often sooner, to begin your intake process. You will complete a number of intake forms including a medical history, insurance verification, income verification, and medical records release. Your OBGYN will also complete a medical clearance form stating you are in good health and have an uncomplicated pregnancy history. Family Makers will also discuss your surrogacy goals, and discuss the gestational surrogacy process at length. After your medical records are reviewed and approved, you will then be matched with and a set of Intended Parents to begin your surrogacy journey.

The medical screening process for a gestational carrier will include lab work for her and her  partner, and a hysterosonogram to look at your uterus. In addition, all surrogates and their partners will have a psychological evaluation to discuss the surrogates social history and understanding of the risks and responsibilities of becoming a surrogate, and potential pregnancy complications. After the surrogate has been approved medically, it is time to begin the legal contracts.

Complete the Legal Stage of Surrogacy in Florida

The gestational carrier and the intended parents will each have legal representation to help support them in drafting the gestational surrogacy contract. The surrogacy attorneys will walk all parties through the legal processes of surrogacy involved in becoming a gestational surrogate or intended parent in Florida ensuring that both the prospective surrogate and biological parents are fully aware of the legal process involved.

After the surrogacy agreement is signed, the gestational carrier will begin the IVF process for embryo transfer.

Begin the Medical Stage of IVF for Surrogacy in FL

Now that a surrogate has completed the legal process and meets the health requirements to become a surrogate, the surrogate will begin the regimen of fertility treatments to become pregnant as a gestational carrier. The embryo transfer will take place at the fertility clinic of the intended parent’s choice. After the fertility doctor has confirmed a successful pregnancy, and a heartbeat, the surrogate will begin to receive her base compensation and her routine care will continue through her own OBGYN.

Are you a Florida surrogate ready to begin your surrogacy journey with Family Makers? Get started today by completing our quiz!

While each fertility center may use a different IVF medication protocol, women considering becoming a gestational carrier can see a sample medication calendar below.

Surrogacy IVF Medications

What is the cost of surrogacy in Florida?

The cost of surrogacy for intended parents can be overwhelming. Family Makers Surrogacy offers a comprehensive surrogacy program for intended parents who are seeking full agency support.

If you are an intended parent ready to start your embark on your successful journey to parenthood, contact Family Makers Surrogacy today to schedule your free consultation.