Dear Future Surrogate,

My husband R and I would like to start by expressing gratitude to good for bringing us to Ashlee, at Family Makers. With her support we matched with our surrogate through who we got our 1st child 2 years ago. He is precious to us! I would also like to thank the future surrogate who we are matched with.I believe it takes a special person to realize our pains and offer herself to help us grow our family.

Our IVF journey had been a long 4 year process of bitter sweet outcomes. I have, by the grace of god, been able to make and freeze healthy embryos but the journey of implantation had been a rough one. We went through 4 failed implantations, and many surgeries, not to mention the emotional and physical challenges of the effects of IVF medications on the body and our spirits. We have gone through moments of losing hope but together we always rose back to faith and preserved. We still never gave up on our ultimate desire to raise a family of our own. This is the prayer that brings us together and keeps us strong every day. We hold deep faith that god will bless us through this process to find the most wonderful surrogate by which we will get our baby girl to complete our family! And give a sister for my son so he can get his best friend for life!

We believe we are good parents to our sons and will do right by our new baby. Our house rules are:

Laugh Often!

Enjoy The Moment!

Work Hard!

Love life!

Respect Each Other!

And Dream Big!

We have so much love to offer for our future baby! We are down to earth. We enjoy simple nights watching TV and eating dinner together. I love to cook and share my love through delicious food for our family and friends. We love to hike. Ashville is our most favorite repeat wedding anniversary destination for hiking and food! We love reading and sharing inspirational books. We do all we can to take care of our family. We believe in a higher power and we connect our prayers through meditation. R and I work hard at our respective jobs. We take our position at work seriously and always work in a way where we perform our jobs as if it’s our own business. We take pride in living our life through Integrity.

We pray to find a good personality in our surrogate. We will always encourage an open communication and relationship with our surrogate and her family. I am a pharmacist and after going through IVF for 4 years I have come to understand the process and would freely offer my support and services in guidance with medications and the Transfer Process and beyond. I would be more than thrilled to be available to offer consult, answer any questions and hold my surrogates hand all through out the process.

We are so excited to start this wonderful journey ahead to make our dream of parenthood a reality.


R and V

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