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We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering joining us to go along this extraordinary journey. We know there are hundreds of equally hopeful couples in our position and are appreciative of the opportunity to introduce ourselves and hopefully connect with you to best of our abilities in a way few words can. We have been waiting over five years for this moment and could not be more excited to continue our journey with you if we are lucky enough to be chosen by you!

We are both airline pilots that met in flight school almost ten years ago in 2014. We currently own a home in Charlotte, NC where we enjoy tending the garden, improving our home, walking and hiking in the local parks and traveling the world together as often as we can.
We first met while in flight training but didn’t really discover each other until one night after a training flight together we, by sheer coincidence, both independently decided to go to chipotle for dinner. When we saw each other in line we struck up a spontaneous conversation that lasted until the employees kicked us out 3 hours later. Less than a week later we began dating and this became our routine. A year later we said our vows in a plane 5000ft over the beach and never looked back. The spark that drew us together that first night has never left we and have continued to love and cherish each other day in and day out ever since.
T: V was born and grew up in India where she quickly discovered an overwhelming desire to explore the farthest reaches of the world. After high school, she knew she needed to follow her passion and decided to go to school in Florida to become a pilot. It was there in flight school that we met and we haven’t been apart since. She has always had the sweetest heart and is the most supportive wife I could ever have imagined.
V: T is a pilot from North Carolina that makes sure his family comes first. His family all live in Charlotte and are super supportive. He is the best husband I could ever ask for and I make sure he never forgets!.
After 8 years of marriage, our love knows no bounds but while we definitely feel we complete each other, something in our hearts has always been missing. It would fill both of us with hope, love and absolute joy to be able to have a baby of our own. After a miscarriage and years of failed attempts to get pregnant on our own, we came to realize my wife suffers from two blood disorders that make it dangerous to carry a baby.

We are really hoping to find a GC that is interested in building and maintaining a relationship with us throughout and after the journey! Of course, we will not be offended if you do not want to have such a high degree of contact after the journey is complete, but we hope this isn’t the case. We are looking for an easy going, honest and direct surrogate who wants to take this journey with us, and make it one of friendship and support.

We look forward to getting to know you better and hope you’ll feel completely comfortable getting to know us and ask us anything!

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