My story began 15 years ago when I finally decided to consider surrogacy as a way to having a family. As each year rolled by I found out that the fertility journey is not easy. I discovered the road was pretty complicated and super expensive. I faced several disappointments in searching for a surrogate and went through a significant amount of savings. I was about to give up but my desire for a family kept me searching and I found Family Makers. What was amazing was their affordability and that they would not only find a suitable surrogate but they would handle all the legal and personal details throughout the journey through the birth of our child! Family Makers exceeded our expectations in their very personalized service and dedication. What had taken me 15 years to find an appropriate surrogate, happened in about four months! Finally, we had our surrogate! Once they found our surrogate, the agency managed the entire process through to the birth of our baby girl! Our minds, hearts and nerves were put at ease throughout the journey because Ashlee and her team at Family Makers was there for us taking care of everything! We are forever grateful for Family Makers and their commitment to making miracles and happy families around the world! Thank you Family Makers!