Ashlee was available to answer any questions or concerns pretty much day or night. She suggested ways for us to save money, and helped us make a financial plan so that we could prepare as much as possible. Four months after bringing home our baby, we got a phone call saying that insurance had come back and denied all claims despite having written verification that the policy should have covered everything. I am so thankful that we had someone to help us navigate all that, help us refile all the claims, and for all the followup it took until it was taken care of even though that first journey had been long over. I understand that a lot of people don’t need so much support, but infertility and surrogacy is a very lonely and difficult experience sometimes for me and it’s nice to just be able to pick up the phone or send a text and feel like I have someone who “gets me” to talk me through whatever is happening. I think it says a lot when an agency is there through not just good times, but difficult ones too. I know both surrogates we have worked with have told me over and over how much they loved working with Family Makers as well.