Surrogacy Agencies Near Me

When starting to research this rewarding experience, one of the first topics to really spend time on is the surrogacy agency you want to work with.  Family Makers Surrogacy is an established and trustworthy agency that focuses on matching Intended Parents and Surrogates to encourage organic and lasting relationships. Here, we will answer your questions and walk you through several important topics when deciding what type of agency is best for your specific needs.

Confirm Your Agency is Established and Trustworthy

Outside of simply searching for “surrogacy agencies near me,” there are several things to keep in mind when selecting a surrogacy program. The first is confirming that any agency you are thinking of working with is reputable. Unfortunately in this day and age where businesses can purchase good reviews, some sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp aren’t as helpful as they used to be. Becoming a surrogate takes a bit more unconventional research, and there are actually dedicated groups on Facebook that collect authentic reviews from those who have completed the surrogacy process with an agency. Once such group is called Surrogacy Industry Reviews – U.S. Only where you can learn about the experiences of those who have been an Intended Parent, Surrogate Mother, or Egg Donor. Additionally, this particular group also answers questions about surrogacy services, fertility clinics, and reproductive technology attorneys!

surrogacy agency near meDon’t forget that interviewing an agency yourself before applying may be the most helpful thing you can do for yourself. A reputable, transparent agency should be willing and happy to meet with any prospective surrogate over a phone call or Zoom meeting to explain the benefits of becoming a surrogate, how staff can support you throughout the process, and commit to your success as as Surrogate. Any red flags should be noted immediately and not dismissed. This is the stage of the process where you should feel 100% at ease with your decision, as these professionals will be in your life for a year or more. If you aren’t certain that your experience will be a rewarding one with the particular agency you are interviewing, keep looking.

What Kind of Families Does The Agency Focus on Helping?

There are literally hundreds of surrogacy agencies, and each one of them is different in their own way.  One significant difference you may consider is the location of most Intended Parents each agency helps.  Some agencies, like Family Makers, concentrates on particular areas of the United States, while others work with Intended Parents from all over the world.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Family Makers has watched in horror as many babies have been stranded with other agencies due to travel restrictions and delays.  For that reason, we are currently only working with Intended Parents who are here in the States – for the benefit of the Surrogates we work with and the babies they bring into the world.

Another key difference is why Intended Parents are pursuing gestational surrogacy. First-time surrogates in particular should understand that not all agencies require that Intended Parents have written documentation stating it is medically necessary to work with a surrogate mother.  Some individuals pursue surrogacy because of convenience, needlessly putting someone’s health at risk because they simply find pregnancy to interfere with other areas of their life.  Family Makers will not work with such Intended Parents.  Each and every Intended Parent has been thoroughly screened to ensure that the surrogacy process is the last option they have in building their families.

Lastly, does the agency adequately confirm that the Intended Parents are ready for the very real surrogate costs of a journey?  Many agencies do not require that the account provided for the Surrogate’s compensation be fully funded before the journey begins.  This can be a financially risky situation for the gestational carrier, especially when it comes to medical bills.  Any agency you choose should require that the agency fee and surrogate’s escrow account is fully funded before the first embryo transfer takes place.

Is the Size of the Agency Important to You?

apply to be a surrogateJust like with any business, there are benefits to working with a large “national” surrogate agency. In many cases, they have departments and teams for every facet of the experience, and cater to a large audience. Localized, mid-sized or smaller agencies tend to emphasize more personalized attention to you as an individual woman, listening to your specific needs and supporting you one-on-one. When researching agencies, it is important to understand if employee retention in your prospective agency is an issue. Unhappy employees equates to high-turnover, leaving many surrogates to fend for themselves when staff changes occur. Agencies like Family Makers will make you feel truly valued, and not like a number.

If you’ve decided to become a gestational surrogate, please consider interviewing Family Makers to see if we meet your expectations and needs. We would love to be your guide in realizing your dream by helping someone become a parent.

Interested in learning about our requirements to become a surrogate? Ready to apply? Complete our application or download our Surrogate’s Guide!