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Dear Prospective Surrogate,

Thank you for taking the time to read this and potentially taking the next step to help expand our family. Without the generosity of people like you, we would not have this opportunity at all, so once again, our sincerest gratitude.

To tell you a little bit about us–N was born in another country and came to the states when she was 11 years old.  She’s lived all over the country before settling in our now home state with K. K was born in our home state, but has also spent part of his childhood in other parts of the country. K also spent 4 years teaching English internationally as well!!  We met online while we were both living in states. Our first date was at a cute French creperie on a bitter cold night and we hit it off right away.  N works as a radiologist interpreting all sorts of imaging studies.  Some of my favorite cases to read are first and second trimester ultrasounds and seeing babies move around in the uterus. K works as a tax lawyer for a big accounting firm and often travels all over the country to work and meet clients.  

In his free time, K enjoys working out, trying to become a better cook/baker, and playing board games while N is into gardening, yoga, and interior decorating. We both love escape rooms and trying new restaurants together. We also love to travel when we can find the time. Some of our favorite destinations are Japan, Bermuda and Paris!

After a few years of marriage, we wanted to start a family and began the initial journey to parenthood. After a few false starts and a global pandemic, we were blessed to bring our first child into the world. He is a sweet, smart, and gentle child who has a big personality and is constantly curious about the world. He would absolutely make a wonderful big brother!  We always considered having one more child to complete our family and tried doing so over the past two years.  After multiple miscarriages, heartbreaks, and countless IUI/IVF treatments, as well as a genetic condition that requires me to take a non-pregnancy safe medication, we have decided to pursue surrogacy as our only option. 

We hope to meet a gestational carrier who is kind, honest, and flexible. We hope to become friends with our surrogate during this special journey. As N has carried before, N knows what to expect at different stages and would love to keep in contact frequently during the pregnancy. We would also love to attend major milestone appointments such as the fetal survey if possible. As someone who works in the medical field, N is acutely aware of how important it is to advocate for her patients, and we would absolutely be the strongest supporters for our surrogate. After birth N and K would love to keep in touch and update each other on major life events.

We are forever grateful to women like you who are willing to go through a pregnancy for a stranger to help build and expand their family. We eagerly look forward to meeting the woman who will help us realize our dream and make our family complete. Thank you for your generosity and sacrifice in this process and taking the time to consider us.

Warm Regards,

N + K

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