Dear Prospective Surrogate,

Thank you for reading about us! S and I met during orientation week for medical residency at Vanderbilt Medical Center. S grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and stayed in Iowa for college and medical school. I grew up in suburban Chicago and moved to California for college and then Nashville for medical school. We were both working 80 hours a week in residency so our early dates consisted of take out and study sessions. We bonded over our love for hiking and traveling and commitment to family. Every year we celebrate Pesach and Thanksgiving with S’s family. We celebrate the 4th of July and Christmas with my family. After two years of dating, we got engaged in Canyonlands on a hiking trip with his siblings. S got down on one knee at the end of a gorgeous hike and a year later, we got married in Nashville.

S and I have been on a number of great adventures, trekking on glaciers in Iceland, bowing at shrines in Japan, and eating through France. For the past several years we have been embarking or trying to embark on a different journey, a journey to parenthood. We got pregnant the second month we were trying and were overjoyed! Our parents were thrilled, it would have been my parent’s first grandchild. And I had barely any morning sickness! At my first visit at 10 weeks, we discovered there was no heartbeat and that it was a missed miscarriage. It was devastating. But one miscarriage was common and we were hopeful for a healthy pregnancy next time. In the meantime, I graduated residency and started working as a dermatologist. My husband continued on his training as a fellow in Infectious Disease. Several months later, we were nervously excited when I got another positive pregnancy test. This time we saw a heartbeat but it was slow and eventually stopped. My cycles after the 2nd miscarriage became more erratic and we couldn’t get pregnant for over a year. We did clomid and letrazole cycles and had lots and lots of blood draws. We discovered that I had a uterine anomaly called a unicornuate uterus which likely caused the miscarriages. But people with unicornuate uterus can have successful pregnancies so we started IVF treatment. My 3rd miscarriage was the hardest because we had regained hope. It was also the hardest because I bled profusely and became anemic and felt terrible for a month. After my 4th miscarriage, we felt emotionally spent but somewhat relieved. Relieved because we had really tried and were ready to ask for help.

We are so grateful for you to offer to carry our child. We are so grateful that you can grow and protect and nourish a child for us. We thought we felt that desire to have a child four years ago when we first started trying. But now, we really feel that desire as an ache, notice it as a palpable absence. We are so grateful that you can grant us this miracle, help us complete our family. We appreciate the sacrifice to your physical comfort and the risk to your emotional and physical well being. You will be creating new life and I hope one day there will be three of us forever grateful to you.


L & S

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