Dear Surrogate,

Who we are:

Our names are J and L. We found each later in our lives, L was 40 and J was 35 and it’s been the greatest blessing. L had been previously married and had two kids, J had never been married but was praying for a family. He always said he got what he prayed for a family starter kit, a wife, 2 kids and a dog. ;)

When L was 32 she was struggling with pain in her abdomen. After months of testing it was found that she had a cyst on her ovary, when they went to remove the cyst, they found that it had wrapped around her ovary and they had to remove her ovary and Fallopian tube. The doctor also told her that her uterus was not healthy. Her mother was currently battling stage 4 uterine cancer and her doctor told her she would need a hysterectomy. She was able to keep one ovary.

How We Met:

L and J are both in the health and wellness industry. L was teaching yoga to athletes and J was coaching athletes. One day L reached out to J’s facility to connect about some athletes that they were both working with. J hired L to work with his football players, slowly they became friends and they realized they had so much in common and the rest is history. Now they own a fitness and wellness facility in GA. Together they help inspire their clients to move and breathe better in their bodies!

Our Family:

Together we are raising L’s two biological children. Both are lacrosse players at their high school, A+ students and are very involved in Young Life, their church and our community. As a family we love to hike, explore and adventure outdoors. We have a super friendly, frisbee loving white lab named Yeti!

Our dream is to have a child together. We did fertility treatments back in 2019, it was very hard on L physically, she became overstimulated from the hormones and the recovery was challenging. After our treatments we were left with one embryo and we are praying for a surrogate to help us carry our baby and complete our family.

Love, L + J

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