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Dear prospective surrogate, 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and our letter to you, our hopeful future surrogate. It feels surreal writing this letter as we never imagined this would be our journey. However, we are most grateful for this unique path, and you exist, participating in this journey of love to help make our hopes and dreams come true. 

Our family story: K & J met initially through J’s cousin as K attended undergraduate school with him at UC Irvine. Fast forward, K & J ended up going to the same church together and reconnected through a supper club event K was co-hosting at Faith & Flower in Downtown Los Angeles. Shortly after they had their first real date at the science museum. K grew bored and they grabbed pho and talked and walked afterwards–one of K’s simplest but most favorite of activities. Fast forward and they had their daughter in 2018. 

Their daughter would forever change their lives as they grew closer together in sleepless nights and recovery from severe Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder for K. It had been a difficult journey for K in pregnancy with an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) in her leg, the pregnancy was deemed high risk with amniotic fluid issues, IV iron infusions, and ultimately Intrauterine Growth Restriction, as we learned our little love was not getting the nutrients she needed. Our hearts long for a sibling for our dear daughter. In fact, though we’ve never instructed our daughter directly, she tells us that she “prays for a baby sister every morning.” It both melts and breaks our hearts! 

In spite of this, we are so grateful to the heavens and you, and actually ecstatic (and terrified with having so much previous loss) that our dreams for growing our family could actually become reality. For us, it’s like a dream so precious and magical, that we are excited and hopeful, but fear being hopeful because it’s just too good to be true if it can all work out. You are already such a blessing to us in embarking on this journey of helping us to fulfill our longings to grow our family, something we have been dreaming of and trying for for so long, with only heartbreaking results. We appreciate your heart for surrogacy so much, and pray that our story resonates and speaks to your heart. Behind the scenes we grieve what we hope for, and hold onto hope, and long to welcome our additional family member into our beautiful and loving family. We hope to grow in relationship with you dear surrogate with whatever organically develops and will treasure you always and how you were the beginning of this beautiful miracle journey healing our hearts, bringing hope, and helping close this chapter of so much pain and replacing it with so much beauty. We cannot wait to speak, meet, and connect with you. 

Most sincerely,

K and J

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