Dear Prospective Surrogate,

Thank you for considering joining us on the adventure of surrogacy. We can’t begin to put into words our appreciation and gratitude for even considering being a gestational carrier and helping us grow our family. After years of trying unsuccessfully to have children, we are so blessed to have our first child through the gift surrogacy in October and we hope to give him a sister through the gift of surrogacy. We have developed such a wonderful relationship with our surrogate but she has had too many pregnancies now to safely consider another journey with us. We have always wanted three or four children and so we are beginning our search now for that amazing person who can help us complete our family.

We’d love to share a little more about us now but we’re also open to answering any questions you have in the future as well! We began dating back in 2002 and really have been each other’s biggest supporters through all the ups and downs of advanced degrees, new jobs, moves, family losses, fertility challenges, travel and now parenthood. We love being parents and have so many adventures planned for our family! Every day with our son has been such an amazing joy.

We would love to develop a relationship with our future surrogate and be involved again in her pregnancy but we also understand she will have a life and family of her own. We’ve had so much appreciation and been so thankful from the very beginning of our first surrogacy journey but after seeing first hand what our surrogate has done for us, we are humbled and even more grateful for all that a surrogate gives. Thank you for your sacrifice and gift!


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