Dear Prospective Surrogate,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share our story with you. We are incredibly excited by the opportunity to partner with a surrogate and grateful that you and other women make building our family a possibility.

My husband and I attended college together on the east coast. We were very close friends before we started dating our senior year. We moved to New York after college where we have lived on and off for the last 12 years. I (J) work in women’s health and my husband (D) works in real estate. We currently live in Brooklyn, with our dog Samson.

In our free time we love getting outdoors – we try to hike and go to the beach as much as possible in the summer and ski a few times in the winter. When we are back home, we love going for long walks with our pup, trying new restaurants with friends, or cooking together. My guilty pleasures are trashy novels and true crime shows. D enjoys reading non-fiction and, while he watches the true crime shows with me, he definitely prefers comedy. We are very close with our families and love spending time with them. Both of our parents and D’s brother’s family live very close by. We typically see them every other weekend for a day trip to the beach or dinner in the suburbs. This is especially nice in the summer when the city is boiling hot!

We have always known we wanted to have kids, even when we were in our early 20s D would mention while we were on ski trips that he can’t wait to teach our kids to ski. When we are able to have children, we want to move closer to the beach to the town where D’s brother’s family lives. We want our children to grow up with their cousins and grandparents close by.

In our 20s we discussed having a larger family – maybe 3 kids. However as we entered our late 20s and early 30s and started dealing with infertility, we began to focus on next steps and adjust our expectations. I had incredibly painful periods starting in my late 20s and was diagnosed with endometriosis at 30. I had surgery to remove the lesions a few years ago. We are both 34 now, and since my surgery we have had multiple miscarriages both outside of IVF and with IVF. As I was going through our last miscarriage, my doctor discovered a benign tumor in my uterus that appears to compete with the embryo and cause my miscarriages. While this growth has no impact on my own health, it seems to be the primary source of my infertility. I have spoken with three surgeons, and they have all told me that this growth is inoperable, and treatment is limited. With this recent news we decided to pursue surrogacy. We want to give our embryos the best chance of survival which we believe would be with a surrogate.

We are excited and hopeful to pursue this next step. After multiple losses, we are incredibly thankful that surrogacy is a possibility. We really appreciate you taking the time to read a bit about us.

With Sincerest Gratitude,

J + D