Let us start by saying how thrilled we are that there are women like you who want to help couples like us build our families. Especially with so much going on in the world, the selflessness and generosity demonstrated by women who are willing to become surrogates bolsters our faith in humanity, so thank you!

It’s very nice to meet you – we’re C and J, and we live in Washington, DC, with our baby daughter, Emma. Emma was born via surrogacy in July 2021, and it’s now impossible to imagine our lives without her. We had an incredible experience on our first surrogacy journey and created a bond with our carrier that we know will last forever. Now, we can’t wait to create another one as we set out to build our family further.

A little more about us: we both grew up on the East Coast (C in New Jersey and J in Delaware), but when we met 10 years ago, we were living in the San Francisco Bay Area. After two years of dating, we decided to relocate back to the East Coast to Washington, DC, and have lived here ever since. In 2016 we got engaged, and in 2017 we got married in Delaware with a wonderful celebration. We have absolutely loved married life over the last few years and feel our relationship continues to grow and strengthen every day, including as we’ve begun to navigate life as parents.

Family has always been a massive part of each of our lives. Both of us grew up with incredible models of strong, trusting partnerships through our parents. J is the youngest of five children, and C has a fraternal twin brother and an older sister. So much of our time is spent talking to and visiting our families. That’s why we are so excited at the prospect of giving Emma a younger sibling through this journey.

Before getting engaged, we wanted to be sure to very directly address our hopes and plans for the future – which of course meant discussing whether or not we would want to have children one day. While we had robust discussions around potential timing, number of children, and different avenues to fatherhood, we ultimately determined that we both wanted to start a family together – someday, somehow. Four years of wonderful marriage allowed us to deepen the foundation upon which we started our family with the birth of Emma. We LOVE being dads and are so excited to give Emma a baby sibling!

We feel very fortunate to be living in a time when, both in terms of medical advancement and societal acceptance, two men in love are able to get married and start a genetically-linked family. We will both admit that during some very tough times as young gay men coming of age, one of the saddest realizations was that we would not be able to follow in our parents’ footsteps of marriage and raising a family. Looking back at these hard times now, it’s clear that the challenges we faced made our convictions around becoming parents that much stronger. We know that we have not gotten to this place in our journey by accident or by default–this is a conscious and affirmative choice for us. Becoming fathers was a true dream come true, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude that science has helped make it possible, that society has come around to be more comfortable with our marriage and our intended parenthood, and that there are such generous women willing to aid us on our journey!

Having gone through a successful surrogacy journey, we know that our next journey will come with challenges, some surprises, and plenty of ups and downs, but we know that communication and trust can tackle them. And knowing the amazing relationship we developed with our previous surrogate, we are very excited to get to know and build a relationship with another woman who is willing to impart such an incredible gift to us as a couple. We are both very kind and loving people who see relationships with family and friends as the number one most important component of our lives, so the thought of developing a relationship with someone who can enable us to bring life into the world is truly exciting. It will be such an amazing gift to receive, and we believe anyone willing to give this gift is someone worth getting to know!

Thank you again so very much for being willing to provide the gift of surrogacy. If we are matched together, thank you in advance for helping us start a family, and we look forward to going on this journey together!


J and C

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