How Much Do Surrogates Make

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid?

Caring, altruistic women who become gestational carriers are the most important piece to creating families in our program. It is important to our team for you to know how much you are valued. The team at Family Makers Surrogacy, and your Intended Parents will be sure that you feel supported throughout your entire journey. Family Makers offers competitive compensation packages, that are custom tailored for each gestational carrier. We value the time, energy and love you are putting into creating families through surrogacy and we are proud of what our agency offers.

Surrogate compensationThe financial aspect of becoming a surrogate is a win-win for both the gestational carrier and the Intended Parents. Many women use their compensation to start a college fund for their own children, save to buy a home, or go on their dream family vacation. One of the main reasons to work with a surrogacy agency for many gestational carriers, is the security it provides for the financial compensation.

If you are considering starting the surrogacy process, and you meet the basic qualifications for potential surrogates, then you are in the right place.



What Is the Average Base Pay For a Gestational Surrogate?

How much a you make can vary based on a number of factors including if she is a repeat surrogate, what state the surrogate lives in, or the insurance status. Family Makers Surrogacy offers a competitive benefits package tailored to each journey.

A first-time surrogate that has a surrogacy friendly health insurance policy can expect to receive a base compensation between $40,000 to $55,000. An experienced surrogate will typically request $5,000 more in base compensation for each additional surrogate pregnancy. The base compensation begins at the confirmation of fetal heartbeat, approximately 2 weeks after a confirmed pregnancy and continues in monthly payments until delivery.

Who Pays For the Costs Associated With the Surrogate Pregnancy?

The base surrogate compensation and additional benefits are all detailed in the legal contract. The Intended Parent’s fund a third-party escrow account prior to embryo transfer to ensure you are paid on a regular basis and on time. You will never be left with an unpaid medical bill, or left waiting for lost wages to be reimbursed during the surrogacy process. This is an important level of safety and security for all surrogates that Family Makers helps to coordinate during the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy related expenses that the Intended Parents will pay are outlined in your custom match terms and fee schedule that is completed with your Case manager, then shared to draft your legal contract. Your monthly allowance during the surrogacy process will typically cover pregnancy-related expenses and medical expenses:

Mileage to and from doctor appointments

Travel expenses

Childcare during the pregnancy for appointments

Insurance copays

Health supplies, like prenatal vitamins

Additional benefits that a surrogate receives during the surrogacy journey are related to medical procedures and other milestones during the surrogacy process:

Medication Start Fee – $250 to $300

Embryo Transfer Fee – $500 to $750

Maternity Clothing Allowance – $500 to $650

Invasive Procedure Fee – $500 to $750

C-Section Delivery – $2,500 to $3,000

Multiples Pregnancy – $2,500 to $3,000

Lost Wages – Paid At Actual Cost by Intended Parents

Monthly Allowance – $200 to $300

Mock Cycle – $500 to $750

Expense Reimbursements – Paid At Actual Cost by Intended Parents

Pumping for Breastmilk – $200 to $300 week

Legal Expenses – Paid At Actual Cost by Intended Parents

Learn more about the financial benefit packages for surrogates here.

How Does Surrogate Pay Work?

Your payment schedule is detailed and structured through your legal contract so that you can focus on a healthy and successful surrogacy journey.

Once you start the medical process, you will receive a monthly allowance at the start of cycle medications, in additional to payments for medical procedures such as embryo transfer, mock cycle or other invasive tests that may be required in order to become approved by an IVF Clinic.

During your pregnancy you will receive additional payments monthly, starting at the confirmation of fetal heartbeat. All of your pregnancy payments are earned at the time of birth. Should the birth be premature, prior to 36 weeks for a singleton pregnancy, compensation is prorated to the week of delivery.

Does Surrogate Pay Vary from State to State?

Each surrogacy journey is unique and several factors may impact the overall compensation package that a you receive. The average base compensation for a first-time surrogate ranges from $45,000 to $80,000 depending on a number of factors and personal experience. In states where the demand for surrogates is higher, surrogates may receive a higher base compensation. If a surrogate has an insurance policy that is usable for surrogacy, she may also receive a higher base compensation. Legal requirements from state to state may also affect the costs and compensation for a surrogate.

Who Pays for Surrogate Health Insurance?

If you have a private health insurance through your employer, a partner’s employer or the marketplace your insurance will be reviewed to be sure there are no exclusions for a surrogacy pregnancy. Your monthly allowance will be used to pay for any required co-pays at appointments, and you will continue to pay for the monthly insurance premium. Gestational carrier’s who have a usable insurance policy, with low out-of-pocket costs, can typically request a slightly higher base fee.

Surrogate’s who do not have an insurance policy with surrogacy exclusions, will require one to be purchased through the marketplace. In this scenario, the Intended Parents will pay the monthly premium.

Family Makers will assist you in being confident that you have the proper insurance coverage, and that you will never be left with unpaid medical bills when your journey is over.

Sample Surrogacy Journey Compensation

Surrogate Compensation

Ashley is a first-time surrogate in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a usable insurance and has requested a base compensation of $40,000. She is paid $250 at the start of medications and the clinic for her Intended Parents has asked that she do a mock cycle ($500) prior to the embryo transfer ($750). She will require a c-section for delivery ($2,500). She receives a maternity clothing allowance ($1,000) at about the second trimester and her monthly allowance ($250/month x 9 months) at the start of cycle medications. She is a stay-at-home mother, and does not have any lost wages. Her husband’s lost wages are paid per her legal contract. Ashley decides to pump milk for 6 months and receives $250 a week ($250 x 24 weeks = xxx). Ashley’s complete compensation is approximately $50,500.

Jennifer is a repeat surrogate in Tampa, Florida who is a single working mom. She does not have a usable insurance policy and her Intended Parents have purchased a policy through the marketplace. Her first journey she received a base compensation of $40,000 and so she has requested a base compensation of $42,000 for her second journey. Her lost wages are paid at the actual rate per her surrogacy contract. She receives her transfer fee ($750), maternity clothing allowance ($1,000) at about the second trimester, her monthly allowance ($250/month x 9 months) at the start of cycle medications. Surprise! Jennifer is having twins, and she will receive an additional $3,000 for carrying multiples. She will require a c-section for delivery ($2,500). Jennifer’s complete compensation is approximately $54,500.

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It is important to work with a surrogacy professional to be sure that you are best protected during all phases of the surrogacy journey. Family Makers has the surrogacy experience you need to provide prospective surrogates with the knowledge of the matching process, surrogacy laws, and medical process. We understand that each journey is a personal situation and we are here to support you from the time you complete your surrogacy application through the birth. The surrogate compensation received through surrogacy can help your family reach its financial goal and the rewards for everyone involved are indescribable.

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