Dear Surrogate,

Thank you for considering us and for being willing to do such an amazing thing for our family. Never in a million years did we think we would need a surrogate. But after years of fertility treatments, IVFs and surgery, we are left with this unique option to help grow our family.

Below are a questions we’ve answered to help you get to know more about us:

1) What do you do for a living?

o David is an executive management consultant having worked primarily with the US Federal Government for almost 30 years in the fields of strategy, change management, organizational transformation, and communications.

o Faith is a licensed professional architect for over 13 years, designing buildings around the world from Beijing to Atlanta.

2) What are your personal interests?

o David is a certified teacher of English as a Foreign Language and life coach with students around the world. He also is singer/first tenor, having sung in Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, across China and France, as well as on stage with the Rolling Stones.

o Faith loves reading history and exploring different cultures. She loves cooking authentic Chinese food (homemade dumplings, noodles) as well as exploring new cuisines.

3) What do you value most?

o We value our time together as a family. It has always been our dream to become a family and when our 3-year-old son Dominic came into our lives through international adoption, we couldn’t have been happier. He is so amazing, and we love him so very much.

4) What is your family like?

o We are a family of three (David/46, Faith 40, and Dominic 3) and one cat (Opera/10). We started dating in 2013 and got married in 2017. We live in Brookhaven, Georgia (a suburb just north of Buckhead in Atlanta). David works from home full-time, and Faith works from home two days a week and three days a week at the office in Atlanta. Dominic is in a top-quality rated pre-school where he has lots of friends and loves his teachers. We love to travel both internationally (we all just took a family vacation to Mexico) as well as road trips. Many times, we find ourselves going for long walks in the parks around Atlanta and in northern Georgia. We have a membership in a fitness club where we regularly go swimming as a family. We also love eating all kinds of food and exploring the endless number of restaurants in the Atlanta area.

5) What brings you to need a surrogate?

o We had hoped to transfer our embryo to Faith, but our doctor informed us the likelihood of a transfer being successful was extremely low and if Faith did become pregnant, it would put Faith and the baby at risk.

6) What do you plan to tell your child/ children about your surrogate?

o We plan to tell our child the complete truth and story of our journey to bring them into this world.

7) Do you want to be present at the birth?

o Absolutely!

8) What do you ask of your surrogate during this pregnancy?

o We want our surrogate to do the same for our child as they would for their own.

o We would like our surrogate to be open to staying in our hometown of Atlanta for a few days if recommended by the doctor after transfer to give the embryo time to get started.

o We would like our surrogate to be open to us “talking to the baby” so they hear our voices as it grows.

9) What kind of relationship would you like to have with your surrogate before, during, and after your baby’s birth?

o We’d like to have a relationship that involves regular communication, attending doctor’s visits (when possible), and in the delivery room at birth. As for after the birth, we are open to communicating about our child.

10) How involved would you like to be on this journey?

o We would like to be as involved as much as humanly possible. This will be our one chance at a biological baby and want to experience as much as we can as if it were being carried by ourselves.

11) What are you most looking forward to about becoming parents again?

o What we are looking forward to most with our second child is the chance for our son, Dominic, to grow up with a little brother/sister and seeing them both grow up together, play together and experience life together.

We can’t wait to meet you and answer any other questions you may have. Thanks so much for considering us.


Faith and Dan


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