To Our Gestational Carrier,

Surrogacy for us begins with the diligent search for the right person. It is our belief that the right person is currently reading this letter. What we want to tell you is that we are grateful for your selflessness and willingness to help us start our family. Through your sacrifice we will be able to manifest our hearts desire.

We have taken this search seriously, with great care, and we know that with our pregnancy, you will do the same. It is our belief that as this search has been laborious, and in some ways scary for us, you may be feeling the same thing. We want you to know that we are here to support you in any way that is needed during this journey, be it a text, phone call, video chat etc.

What we deeply want to convey is that this is our life’s purpose. We are dedicated to this journey, and we will be faithful to your care upon it. As you are reading this now and at any time you may have doubted yourself, felt unclear, or you were not sure that you would be doing this for the right person, we are the right people, we’re sure of our purpose and we’re clear about supporting you on your journey.

Life brought John and I to Maryland where we met, fell in love, married, and still currently reside. John was born and raised in North Carolina and I grew up in Massachusetts. We are both the youngest of three and hold family near and dear to our hearts.

John has spent a lifetime serving others. Whether as a boy in his church, or as an adult in his previous careers as a corrections officer and firefighter. Now, as an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, he is able to blend his love of service with his strong desire to build community. John has a true gift to be able to listen deeply, empathize, uplift, and encourage others. He has a strong work ethic and unbreakable determination; all attributes which he pours into his family and clients.

In my 21-year career as an Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatrics, serving children and their families has been my privilege and passion. Working in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units has provided me with the opportunity to impact the lives of wonderful and diverse families in meaningful ways. From teaching new parents how to hold and feed their premature and medically fragile infants, to comforting caregivers as I help their children obtain or relearn developmental milestones following heart and brain surgeries, to filling families with hope for their children who were born with debilitating anomalies. I have a keen understanding that we each view life through our own individual lens, and as such, I always desire to understand the lens of those that I work with, so that I can serve to the best of my ability and meet their individual needs.

Through the challenges we have faced on this journey, we have not wavered in our desire to bring our sweet baby into this world and start our family. We have strengthened our ability to adapt, to live in the affirmative, practice gratitude and support one another through all things.

Admittedly, attaching the right words to our current emotions is an arduous task. We are filled with gratitude and a strong faith that as we’re searching for you, you are also currently searching for us.

With Gratitude,

John & Cate

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