A + C Intended parents ready to match

Dear Prospective Surrogate,


While we have not yet met, we already know that you are a very special person with a beautiful heart and we are so grateful you are here reading our letter. So thank you for taking the time to learn about us!

We are “A” and “C” from New York City. We first met in 2014 over dinner with mutual friends. We are both raised here and our families are also here in New York. I, “A” work in financial services and “C” remodels and builds kits for residential homes. We are an easy going couple. “C” is a simple guy who enjoys cooking and DIY projects around the house. I like to suggest new recipes for “C” and plan our weekends and vacations. 

In 2018, we bought our first home together in New York. A year after we finished remodeling our house  and made it our home, we were ready to fill it with joy and build a family. We had been trying to conceive for over a year with no luck so I went for a fertility workup and through that process discovered I had endometrial cancer. The diagnosis was beyond devastating to us. I had only dreamt about that special moment when you first find out you’re pregnant and sharing that exciting news with our parents and best friends. My heart shattered in the moment I learned I will never get a chance to experience carrying our child. 

Just before my scheduled hysterectomy, we were able to create 5 genetically tested embryos in hopes of one day having a baby through surrogacy. In June of 2021, I underwent a laparoscopic hysterectomy. The surgery was a success and I was cured of cancer by removal with no further treatment needed. Despite the circumstances, I am grateful for the life I have and to be healthy and thriving now.

Later that year, we brought home a 12 week old, sweet little puppy from a rescue. Milo has grown to be a silly happy-go-lucky boy that loves to go on adventures and socialize with everyone. He has since filled the void in our hearts and our home with so much love and laughter.

We generally love being home but also enjoy spending time outdoors in nature. We like to take Milo on camping trips and scenic hikes. We enjoy long walks at the parks and exploring new foods. We love traveling and try to travel 2-3x a year. Recently, we have visited Maui (just months before the devastating wildfires), New Zealand, Costa Rica and Taiwan. Wherever we go, we always rent a car so that we can have freedom to explore at our own pace and live in the moment. We appreciate experiencing other cultures as it evolves our perspective and helps us see things in new ways. We are eager for the possibility of one day taking our little one along for all our adventures around the world. We hope to nurture and raise a kind, compassionate individual who is open minded and curious to understand the other side of things.

We want to establish open, honest, transparent communication with our match, and hope we can foster that organically. Ideally, we would like to know how you are feeling each day but want to make sure to respect boundaries and find the right balance. If you are open to staying in touch after delivery, we would love to share updates on milestones and achievements.

Whether it is us or another set of intended parents, thank you for offering to help people like us build their family. You are the reason we still have a chance to experience holding our baby for the first time and the unconditional love that ensues. We admire your generosity, strength and selflessness so much. 


“A” and “C”

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