Y + C intended parents ready to match

Dear Prospective Surrogate,

There are not enough words or expressions of gratitude to thank you for reading this letter and to potentially begin this journey with us.  Five years ago, we could have never imagined that we would be writing to you, but here we are, and we will always remember this part of our story together.  While we do not know you yet, we already know that you are a special individual who will help us complete our family through your generosity and grace.

We are Y and C, a couple who love one another and who want to become parents and give all our love, care, and kindness to a little miracle. Thank you for considering us, and until we can speak/meet, we hope that this letter gives you a little glimpse into who we are and how we live our lives.  

We have been married for almost 5 years and there has been nothing more desiring than for us to become mom and dad and grow our family. The last few months and years have been challenging. After a year of trying, we reached out to a fertility clinic with the hopes that the clinic will help us to conceive. We went through several IUI procedures, four rounds of IVF cycles and every transfer resulted either in no pregnancy or a miscarriage. After experiencing 3 terrible losses, we were advised to proceed with a donor egg(s). We did, both implantations resulted in devastating miscarriages at the 6-7 week of pregnancy. Both of our hearts were torn apart with each loss. 

As with a lot of things in life, they cannot be planned, and sometimes things do not work out as you anticipated.  We have encountered so much hardship over the past two years, and we were not sure where to turn, but throughout all the challenges put before us, we never abandoned our dream of becoming parents.  Our doctor talked to us about considering surrogacy and after doing our research, we decided that surrogacy would be a great alternative for us. Candidly, surrogacy was not something that we considered out of the gate and something that happens because every other option has been exhausted.  It happens when you are ready to let go of the wheel and to let go of infertility being the looming topic in your life and relationship.  It happens when you are ready for a new path and a new perspective, and now, here we are seeking your help to make our dream a reality.  We hope we can share this pregnancy together and remain in contact after birth.  

We do not know the amount of contact that will be comfortable to you, but we are certain that we want our child to know about you and how generous you are.  You will forever be imprinted on our child and our lives, and our child will be told of the incredible compassion and goodwill between two families that resulted in our child’s birth. 

We can promise you that this child will be entering a loving home.  We are a family that spends a lot of time together and with our family and friends.  

The journey you are on has to be one of the most admirable that a person can take, and we hope that we can be part of that journey with you.  It’s amazing to us that surrogacy is a way of bringing two separate families together to create and care for a new human being, and we can promise that we will do all that we can to provide a wonderful home and life to “our child” (in the biggest sense of those words).  We cannot wait to meet you!  


Y + C

Y + C are located near Tampa Florida and would like to match with a surrogate who is close to their location. 

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