Dear Prospective Surrogate,

It fills us with so much gratitude to know there are people like you in the world who are willing to selflessly help a family like ours. Thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for considering us.

We met in 2012 when we both moved back to back to Chicago after college. My husband’s first cousin was a friend of mine at school and told us we had to meet… she was right! We got married in the fall of 2018 surrounded by all of our family and friends (including our favorite cousin, of course :) ).

I grew up outside of Chicago with my two older sisters and parents. I’m SO lucky that we all live within a few miles of each other today. They are my greatest support system and built in best friends. Throughout my life, I always sought out roles that allowed me to help care for and nurture others. I taught English at a summer camp overseas. I was “Pledge Mom” for a class of 70+ women in my sorority. This all led me to a career in Human Resources. I love my job because I get to spend my days finding people careers they love and making an environment for them to be their best selves.

My husband also grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois with his parents and two brothers. He grew up in a large extended family and his parents taught them the value of spending time with family and being kind to everyone in their lives. He has always loved spending time with kids, from his early days babysitting and working at a kid’s summer camp to his current involvement in a charity where he mentors a high school boy that lives in an underserved community in Chicago.

We’ve built our life together in Chicago and love being just a few miles away from our parents, my sisters, and husband’s brothers. We love to cook and make a pretty mean team in the kitchen together. Our other passion is travel – we love to experience new parts of the world by exploring new places, eating new foods, and meeting new people.

Since the early days of our relationship, we always spoke about the family we dreamed to create. Like most people, we never imagined the struggles we would encounter to get there. On our wedding day, we vowed to make “our home a place all are welcome, and we will fill it with laughter and play, understanding and trust, creativity and imagination, friendship and community”. We hope every day that we get the chance to raise children in our home.

We were so ready to start our family in early 2020, and were lucky enough to get pregnant right away. Sadly, at our 8-week appointment we learned that we had miscarried. Eventually, I had to undergo a D&C which caused significant scar tissue to develop in my uterus. Over the last year, I underwent 6 surgeries to try to correct the scarring. Unfortunately, we have not been able to conceive naturally or with IVF, and have eleven little ones waiting for a real chance to join our family.

We have always wanted to start a family of our own, and the more that we have learned about the surrogacy process the more amazed we’ve become with all of the people that we have spoken to. We are really looking forward to building a relationship of our own with our surrogate in addition to expanding our family.

With immense gratitude,

R + K