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Dear Prospective Surrogate,

We are seeking a beautiful human to help us make our family complete. Our names are M and R and we have a beautiful 19 month old baby boy who is our entire universe and brings so much happiness into our lives. We always dreamt of having two beautiful children who grow up together and are best friends and share their secrets and dreams with one another. We are seeking a kind surrogate to help us complete our family.

We met in 2016 through mutual friends and immediately bonded over our shared love of travel, dancing and hiking. The night we talked for hours and both of our voices were hoarse. Less than a week later R planned a hike to a waterfall and we spent the entire day sharing our lives, hopes and dreams with one another. At the end of that hike we shared our first kiss in a beautiful waterfall after getting to know each other deeply over the last few hours. After that we were pretty much inseparable. Shortly after meeting we planned a trip to Southeast Asia and visited Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and a quick stop in Hong Kong over 3 weeks. That’s where we learned that we not only liked each other but we also worked and traveled really well together. We had the time of our lives and have visited so many more countries together.

We are passionate about adventure and travel and we’ve already traveled with our baby across the US, to Hawaii, Mexico, several parts of Italy and Turkey and this summer we will be visiting Spain, Switzerland and France. We believe a baby is a gift to your life and that you should bring them into all of the things you love and we love sharing our love of travel and adventure with them. We love being outdoors and take our baby on several bike rides every week, we love to go swimming as well and have a pool in our building we go to 2x/week. Our 19 month old is already a little fish. We also love hiking and sports and our 19 month old loves soccer, basketball and baseball. Our life was good before our baby but it’s just incredible now. Every day that we spend with him is a beautiful day. We love to watch him grow and learn before our eyes and we’ve both grown a new heart just for him. We cannot wait to bring his baby brother or sister home.

We are also passionate about helping our community and we’re both active in different community based organizations to help people realize their dreams. R is on the board of an organization that helps students from lower income neighborhoods get into college and Madey helps mentor young girls across the US to get into careers in technology.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, pregnancy and birth would be a very risky experience for both mom and baby. On our journey to our first baby we suffered a miscarriage and then a second trimester loss at 18 weeks due to incompetent cervix. The second time around I tried to do everything right. I interviewed countless doctors and MFMs, I got an emergency cerclage to try to keep him in at 20 weeks, I remained on bedrest for months to prevent anything going wrong, and finally we got to term with our beautiful baby boy. The entire journey was really tough for us physically, mentally and emotionally. Praying every single day to make it another week so we could get closer to bringing our baby into this world. We were full of anxiety and in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals throughout the entire time, never feeling sure that we would be able to bring him into this world. Thankfully all of our hard work, sacrifice and dedication paid off and we brought him in as a full term healthy baby.

Unfortunately after he was born I had a postpartum hemorrhage, which to date is unexplained but required medical management and a blood transfusion. Due to all of these factors, it is extremely risky for me to carry another child and would be extremely anxiety inducing and scary. I also have to think about the child I already have before doing something that I know my body struggles with and which is a risk to my life and wellbeing. We are looking for an angel to help us complete our family.

We have the utmost respect for surrogates. It is such a kind, selfless and beautiful gift to give someone, the gift of a child and the gift of life.

We are looking for a surrogate who we can consider an extended part of our family and we would like to be very involved in the process and attend key appointments like the gender reveal and the anatomy scan and more if you will let us. We would like to attend the birth and be there for you as much as we can. We’d love to invite a professional doula if you would like to help us help you or to support you however you wish to be supported. We want your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period to be beautiful and we want you to feel cared for.

We have a beautiful family and support system around us that we would love to welcome our baby into. We know we can help them grow and thrive to become incredible humans. Please help us complete our family.

With Love,

M & R

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