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Where are your Intended Parents and Surrogates located?

The vast majority of surrogates with Family Makers are located on the East Coast. Family Makers currently works with Intended Parents who are established with a clinic on the East Coast, or live on the East Coast. We are not currently working with International Intended Parents. While we wish we could support Intended Parents from any geographic location, we have found that during the COVID-19 surrogates prefer to work with Intended Parents and clinics who are closer to them, reducing their need to travel far during the pandemic. If you are not located on the East Coast, please feel free to complete a consultation request, and we can reach out when we are able to begin scheduling consults outside of our current geographic area.

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At Family Makers Surrogacy, we understand how overwhelming starting the process can be. Whether you have researched extensively already, or just walked out of your fertility clinic having found out you are going to need to work with a gestational surrogate, we can tailor your consult to provide whatever information you need. We offer videoconferencing from the comfort of your home or office, and can usually be scheduled within 48 hours of reaching out to us. Our free consultations generally last 1-2 hours, during which our Agency Director will review all of the high-level information you need to know about surrogacy and about working with us. Family Makers follows all ASRM guidelines for surrogacy. If you are considering surrogacy to grow your family due to a medical need, you may be asked to provide a letter of medical necessity from your Reproductive Endocrinologist outlining the need for a surrogate.

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