I recommend them 100%.

This agency could not have possibly made my journey as a surrogate more smooth. Ashlee specifically was available anytime I needed her and was amazing to work with. I appreciated her different perspective as an Intended Parent, and I ran several things by her during my journey when I wanted her advice on things that made the relationship with the family I worked with stronger. They were super diligent about making sure I understood what I was getting myself into and helped set realistic expectations. It really feels like I’ve got a close friend walking me through my journeys and really can’t think of anything but amazing things to say about them. Ashlee is well known in the community for being a great educator and resource, and I recommend them 100%.

Image of Ashlee Hammonds, Family Makers Surrogacy Founder and Intended Parent
Ashlee Hammonds
Family Makers Founder and
Intended Parent

“We’ll guide you you step by step throughout the process in a way only someone who has walked this path can.”