I knew right away that this was the agency for me.

I am almost 6 weeks pp so here is my agency review. I matched with Family Makers Surrogacy in July of 2018. I had talked to other agencies before deciding and when I talked to Ashlee the owner of Family Makers I knew right away that this was the agency for me. I was matched in September 2018 with amazing like minded IPs. Ashlee was amazing taking care of things when we had issues with insurance. We had our transfer in January 2019 and I delivered a healthy baby boy September 27, 2019. I had some issues after delivery and the agency was amazing. They made sure I was taken care of in every way. Throughout the pregnancy, I was checked on but never felt like I was being micromanaged. If I could I would do it all again.

Image of Ashlee Hammonds, Family Makers Surrogacy Founder and Intended Parent
Ashlee Hammonds
Family Makers Founder and
Intended Parent

“We’ll guide you you step by step throughout the process in a way only someone who has walked this path can.”