Highly recommend Family Makers Surrogacy for your next journey whether as an IP or surrogate.

At the very beginning, I was highly impressed with how quickly they collected all of my medical information from the two separate hospitals and three different OB’s I had used for previous deliveries. I was thankful for the opportunity to match with a couple that had the same views on termination which was a major matching point for me. Overall, their matching process made me feel heard and that what I was looking for mattered. They listened intently and matched me with a couple who desired the same on all major matching points. During the entire journey, I never felt like a bother or burden but my coordinator, Ashley, was always available for questions and support the entire journey. I was very pleased with how the owner, Ashlee, handled delivery during a pandemic by personally calling the hospital and figuring out what that would look like and guiding my IPs and I through that new expectation of labor & delivery. After delivery, I felt incredibly loved and honored by the way the owner herself messaged me to check on me along with my coordinator, Ashley. Financially, I love that they use SEAM for their escrow as all bills have been paid promptly within one day of submitting. I am officially retired from surrogacy but would highly recommend Family Makers Surrogacy for your next journey whether as an IP or surrogate. Family Makers attention to detail in every aspect of the journey made the entire process seamless.

Image of Ashlee Hammonds, Family Makers Surrogacy Founder and Intended Parent
Ashlee Hammonds
Family Makers Founder and
Intended Parent

“We’ll guide you you step by step throughout the process in a way only someone who has walked this path can.”