Family Makers was absolutely amazing.

I worked with family makers as a gestational carrier after “breaking up” with another agency due to a poor experience. Family Makers was absolutely amazing the entire time. They were on top of everything, they made sure things were constantly moving since the starting process requires so much leg work, and they were always supportive. I set my own fees, I chose my own lawyer as did my intended parents, and a third party escrow company was used. Anything I needed was done even if it was just verbal support. Reimbursements were paid quickly bills were paid on time it was a perfect journey from start to finish. I highly recommend family makers for both surrogates and intended parents as there are both surrogates and intended parents working for the agency so they can really understand both sides of the journey.

Image of Ashlee Hammonds, Family Makers Surrogacy Founder and Intended Parent
Ashlee Hammonds
Family Makers Founder and
Intended Parent

“We’ll guide you you step by step throughout the process in a way only someone who has walked this path can.”