About Gestational Surrogacy

Imagine changing someone’s life forever.

Women who offer to carry a baby for someone who can’t have the privilege of saying that!  Whether you are interested in being a surrogate mother because you know someone who has fought infertility, or have heard about the amazing compensation and benefits provided to moms who want to help, being a surrogate is profoundly life changing for everyone involved!

In the most simple terms, some surrogates describe themselves as “extreme babysitters.”  They have the physical and mental ability to carry a child for someone who cannot carry a baby themselves.  The baby isn’t biologically hers, and she understands that at the end of her journey, she will be giving a baby back to its parents, not giving one up.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Most of us have a friend or a family member who has struggled with infertility.  The IVF process that you hear so much about is actually a big part of the gestational surrogacy process!

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the process in which an egg is fertilized by sperm in a lab.  Once fertilized, the egg and sperm create what is known as an embryo.  Some people can make lots of embryos, others only have one. The best embryo is placed into the uterus of a patient, and hopefully it implants successfully to become a baby.

In the case of gestational surrogacy, an egg from the Intended Mother or donor is fertilized to create an embryo.  It is completely biologically unrelated to the surrogate, and is placed into the surrogate’s uterus by a fertility specialist.  Hopefully the embryo implants, pregnancy occurs, and a baby will be born!

If pregnancy is achieved, surrogates are compensated throughout the pregnancy for their responsible care and protection of the baby they are carrying.  We understand that appreciation for helping another family should also be reflected financially, which is why we offer generous compensation and benefits to ensure the journey is a mutually beneficial one.

Who Will I Be Matched With?

Family Makers Surrogacy works with amazing Intended Parents, for one reason or another, medically cannot carry a baby themselves. Whether it is a couple who has struggled with infertility, a same-sex male couple, a single Intended Parent, or someone faced with secondary infertility due to a complicated previous pregnancy, gestational surrogates can help build their families!

Who you match with depends entirely on you!  You aren’t assigned a set of parents, you choose them and they choose you. Once approved by our agency, we present profiles of prospective parents who closely meet all of the criteria you are looking for in a match.  Profiles will include a lot of information about those specific Intended Parents, including where they are located, their communication style, ethical, medical and social views, infertility history, a personally written letter, and photos.  You can then decide if you like their profile enough to meet them over videoconference, guided by our Agency Director to ensure all important topics are covered.  If you want to learn more about the matching process and surrogacy timeline, click here!

How Will I Be Supported Throughout The Process?

No two matches are alike.  Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates have their own expectations and needs from the agency they work with.  From screening, matching, embryo transfer and delivery, our Gestational Surrogates are supported by knowledgable, experienced Surrogates who have completed their own journeys and can relate specifically to your needs.

When you first apply to Family Makers, you will meet not only our dedicated Intake Coordinator but your personal Case Manager who will support you step-by-step throughout your journey.  You will also have open communication and access to our Agency Director, who is always available to both Surrogates and their Intended Parents.

If you know very little about the surrogacy process and need constant support, or just need some extra handholding to ensure everything is done correctly, we tailor our support to meet your needs.  Our goal is to bring valuable knowledge and unending support during every single phase of your experience with us.  We are there to answer all of your questions and support you, from your first call with us until after your journey ends.

Am I Eligible To Be A Surrogate?

Once approved as a gestational surogate, you become a member of an amazing tribe of women.Meet others, get support and give encouragement to other surrogates in our Family Makers Surrogate Facebook group!

Not everyone can be a gestational surrogate, even though their heart is in the right place.  Not only must applicants pass a rigorous approval process, but must understand all of the risks and responsibilities of helping someone become a parent.

Surrogate Qualifications*

Altrustic & Giving Nature

Uncomplicated, full-term pregnancy history

Ages 21-40

No recent use of nicotine products, marijuana or illegal drugs

No recent use of medications used to treat anxiety or depression

No history of DUI or reckless driving

Financially stable with a strong local support system

Cannot be a recipient of government financial assistance.

No more than 2 cesarean deliveries

Has family and/or partner who is supportive of surrogacy

Flexible morning schedules for appointments

Willing to take daily injections for 10-12 weeks

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*This list is not all-inclusive.