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Every journey to parenthood is different, so why should the services be the same?

At Family Makers Surrogacy, we promise to advocate for your best interests. Our goal is to alleviate worry and stress during your journey, and to offer an exceptional experience at an affordable price.

Not everyone requires the same level of support during their journey, so we have customized programs for both Full Agency Support and Independent Journey Support.

Choose a program that is right for you, whether you need Full Agency Support or you are choosing an Independent Surrogacy Journey.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost


Match & Screening Program – $5,000

If you’ve found a potential surrogate on your own, but still need the expertise and support of an agency to screen your surrogate and assist you through the match meeting, this affordable option is for you. You will receive the same extraordinary screening services offered in our Full Service Programs. Additional support add-on available for Negotiation and Discussion of Surrogate Compensation and Benefits.

Match through First Trimester Program – $14,000

Our most popular Independent Match Program for Intended Parents who have found a surrogate on their own, but still need the expertise and support of an agency through what is often the most challenging part of your journey. Additional support add-ons available for Case Management, Bill & Claims Support and additional transfers.


Family Makers Surrogacy offers a variety of Agency Support Programs to fit the needs of all Intended Parents. Each program with Family Makers Surrogacy includes comprehensive full agency support.

What does surrogacy cost

Bronze Program – $20,000

Our basic, but comprehensive full agency support program for intended parents. Our staff will assist you throughout the matching process, offer professional guidance, administrative support, and relationship management between you and your surrogate to ensure your journey your is smooth from matching to postpartum. 

Profile Creation (IP): Our Personalized Matching Program is based on a proprietary matching method that allows us to boast a 95+% approval rate by both Surrogates and Intended Parents of the first profile presented to them. 90% of those matches go on to complete medical screening, contracts, and at least one embryo transfer cycle together.**

Medical Record Review (GC): Review of prenatal records and hospital delivery records. We will also review previous IVF cycling records (if applicable) of the Surrogate you match with.

Criminal Background checks (GC + IP): This includes up to two adults in the Surrogate’s home, as well as the Intended Parent(s).

Income verification (GC + IP): As part of our intake process, we will confirm that Intended Parent(s) are financially prepared to begin a journey. For the Surrogate you match with, we will calculate lost wages that may be incurred during the journey.

Comprehensive screening interviews (GC + IP): Interviews are conducted with all Parties to ensure that they are knowledgeable and educated on the process. We also verify everyone’s commitment to all aspects of the journey

Records Submission to Fertility Clinic (GC): Having already confirmed that your candidate meets or exceeds your clinic’s requirements for surrogacy, FMS will submit all records and summary to the RE and/or staff for final review.

Medical Health Insurance Review (GC): Initial review of your candidate’s current insurance policy, completed by an insurance expert specializing in surrogacy journeys.

Virtual home visit (GC): facilitated by our Agency Owner, notes also provided to Intended Parents. This visit verifies things such as cleanliness, safety, proper fire/CO2 detectors. We note the layout of home, confirm residency in reported home. We confirm rental or home ownership details, pets, gun storage/safety (if applicable), and more. Should our visit indicate an obvious issue that warrants further investigation, an in-person visit by a social worker will be recommended. IPs may also request an in-person social worker visit for an additional fee.

Family Makers Comprehensive Match & Fee Schedule (GC): this document includes all the details of the match needed for contracts, minimizing any surprises down the road. Document will include termination beliefs, agreement on vaccines, general pregnancy safety measures, acknowledgement of risks and responsibilities, number of embryos transferred, number of cycles attempted, OB-GYN and hospital planned, insurance policy costs, short-term and life insurance policy costs, lost wage and childcare estimates in case of bedrest, milestone fees, allowances and more

Facilitation of psychological consultation for Surrogate, live-in Partner/Spouse, and Intended Parent(s): We will provide recommendations to licensed mental health providers specializing in surrogacy as needed.

Surrogate and Intended Parent Education: What to expect from medical health screening, as well as the legal process. Prior to Medical Screening Day, FMS will confirm what procedures will be performed so that your candidate can feel educated and prepared for the day. FMS will also confirm that the clinic in charge of care has conducted all testing in accordance with ASRM guidelines. Should we identify any recommended testing that has not been ordered, FMS will relay that information to the Intended Parent(s).

Facilitation of medical health screening, ordered by the fertility clinic in charge of care. This includes assistance with local lab orders, as well as travel to and from the fertility clinic. Family Makers will also provide recommended local monitoring clinics for screening, if allowed by the clinic in charge of care, as an alternative to travel during the pandemic. FMS will also assist with finding testing facilities for COVID-19 PCR testing, if state or clinic mandates require it prior to departure.

Referral to Surrogacy Attorney: These referrals include introductions to each attorney via email, providing an official Match Sheet, Comprehensive Match Terms and Fee Schedule at time of engagement. FMS will facilitate any points of clarification and provide feedback as requested by the attorneys during the drafting process. Our staff will also serve as representative to both parties with continual followup to each attorney. This ensures that contracts are completed as timely as possible so that there is no delay in getting to embryo transfer.

Escrow oversight: Family Makers recommends working with an escrow manager who is unaffiliated with any party representing the Intended Parent(s) or Surrogate. The firm will also be bonded and licensed, and experienced with surrogacy journeys. While Intended Parents have freedom to choose any escrow manager that meets those standards, our preferred escrow manager will provide you with 24/7 real-time access to your account. There is never a moment where you don’t know the status of each reimbursement, fee paid, or document required. Your contract will dictate each penny paid. Family Makers will assist both the Surrogate and Intended Parent(s) in processing payments due and any issues that require oversight. (18 months duration)

Surrogate Cycling Support: Much of what we do is facilitation of IVF monitoring appointments. This even includes education around medication administration, best practices like setting reminders for taking medication, and preparing for transfer day. FMS will touch base with your candidate frequently to ensure medications are being taken on time. If she has all questions and concerns as we approach the big day, we are here for those too!

Facilitation of Monitoring Appointments: Before and after the embryo transfer cycle. FMS can identify local monitoring clinics to be utilized by your candidate leading up to the embryo transfer, arrange payment and ensure orders and results are communicated timely between the primary clinic and monitoring clinic. These monitoring appointments begin 4-6 weeks prior to transfer, lasting until 10-12 weeks of pregnancy in most cases.

Transitioning Care: A surrogacy pregnancy is still uncommon to many OBs. They may be supportive, but still unsure on how to care for their patient while also involving the Intended Parents. Family Makers will assist in this transition by providing tips and items to go over with the OB. These topics include whether you are there in person versus virtually. We encourage that all interests are voiced in the appointment. Family Makers will also encourage the Surrogate to sign privacy releases so that the OB can discuss info pertaining to baby’s health with Intended Parent(s).

Financial Planning: Once your Surrogate graduates to the OB, health insurance should begin picking up the costs of the pregnancy. Family Makers will ensure you know what to expect with the usual “global billing” billing phenomenon that is unique to pregnancy and delivery claims. You can then be prepared on what to pay and when.

Initiation of Parental filings: Family Makers will assist in gathering information required for court affidavits. We will also confirm if hearings will be required, and follow-up with all parties to ensure documents are filed in a timely manner. This process can take 2-12 weeks.

Third Trimester Funding Audit: Close to the end of your journey, we perform a comprehensive audit of your escrow account. This ensures that we are on track to cover all expected expenses through postpartum recovery.

Birth Preferences Document & Delivery Prep: Although you are graduating from Family Makers, we still want you to be as prepared as possible for Delivery Day. We will provide you with a comprehensive birth plan document. This communicates, in writing, all the things the hospital needs to know prior to and upon your arrival. This document will assist you in advocating for things like your own room and Golden hour time with your infant. It specifies medical care requests in case you miss the birth due to an unexpected early arrival. As your agency, we will also communicate with the planned delivery hospital prior to baby’s arrival. Communication includes sending not just the executed Parental Order (applicable in most cases), but the Birth Preferences Document. We will also confirm COVID-19 protocols during the hospital stay.

Postpartum Healthcare Bills and Claims: We understand that you would rather concentrate on your newborn, rather than endless medical bills. Our staff aggressively pursues all known claims as soon as your Surrogate’s postpartum visit is complete.

Silver Program – $25,000

This program includes all of the services provided by our Bronze Program, plus unlimited free rematches*, .

Gold Program- $30,000

This program includes all services in our Bronze Program, plus

  • Legal costs for the Intended Parents related to drafting the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (contract between the Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate)
  • Escrow management fee
  • Legal costs for the Intended Parent related to filing the Pre-Birth Order and/or Post Birth Order. Any taxes, court fees, GC attorney fee (if applicable), and additional costs for Second Parent Adoption excluded, and is dependent on the state the Surrogate resides.

Platinum Program – $35,000

In addition to unlimited free rematches*, this program includes all of the most expected third-party costs related to a surrogacy journey to minimize financial surprises. Our Platinum Program includes:

All services and fees covered by our Gold Program, plus

  • Legal costs for the Intended Parents related to drafting the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (contract between the Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate)
  • Escrow management fee
  • Legal costs for the Intended Parent related to filing the Pre-Birth Order and/or Post Birth Order. Taxes, court fees and additional costs for Second Parent Adoption excluded, and is dependent on the state the Surrogate resides.

*Limitations apply.

Rematching criteria is:

– medical or psychological disqualification by the fertility clinic at ANY point in the journey

– relocation of the GC and/or loss of support system;

– disqualification of surrogate by Family Makers and/or fertility clinic for social behavior; or

– GC’s breach of contract with the IPs or FMS

Rematching qualifications do not cover IP or doctor’s preference to change after one failed transfer without true medical disqualification; IP action directly or indirectly causing GC to break match; cycling or embryo creation delays; health insurance changes, or IPs’ breach of contract with GC or FMS.

Single Embryo Refund Program

We will refund you 30% of your fee if your transfer isn’t successful.

When you only have one embryo left, it’s difficult to invest so much for one transfer. That’s why we started the Single Embryo Refund Program. If your embryo transfer does not result in a viable pregnancy, we will refund 30% of what you’ve paid. It is our hope that this helps minimize the financial impact of an already devastating situation.

*not applicable for Silver or Platinum Program

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