N + D Intended Parents Ready To Match

Dear Potential Surrogate,

Greetings! We are truly grateful for generous and kind people like you to help build our family. We have precious tested embryos located in Illinois and are hoping to find an extraordinary woman to bring a new life to our family.

My name is N and my husband’s name is D. We have been married since 2013 and were blessed with our son, who I carried in 2016. Both my husband and I enjoy our work as professors in our alma mater university, where we met during our graduate school time here and got married here.  My husband and I live an active life with a healthy diet and regular exercise. In our free time, we like to spend time and enjoy various kinds of fun activities with our son. We usually have family outings in parks, hiking, fishing, or having picnics. We all love trying different foods. We also love to spend time with family and friends. We are so appreciative and humbled by the support we have received thus far.  

We have always dreamed of having a family with two children. Our son is kind and loving and wants so much to be the big brother. However, our journey to our second child has been unexpectedly difficult and challenging. When we started preparing for the second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease, and had to have surgery to remove a suspicious thyroid nodule. We have since been struggling with infertility for nearly six years. After my doctor diagnosed me with “unexplained infertility”, we tried IUI which did not work out.

Then went through IVF and created PGT-A tested embryos through two rounds of egg retrievals in 2023. Originally, I planned to transfer myself, and worked hard to get my body prepared. However, the exam just before the planned transfer cycle showed I have a new uterine polyp and multiple fibroids, for which I did another surgery. After going through all these challenges, considering autoimmune disease and “unexplained infertility”, I could not risk embryo transfer to myself because if it failed with limited precious embryos, I may not have a chance to create more embryos due to my high age and low AMH level.  So, we really want to find a healthy and compassionate surrogate to help us complete our family.

We are so thankful and excited to be at this point in our journey and the thought of potentially expanding our family further brings tears to our eyes. We deeply love our son but feel something is missing without a sibling.  We have 5 tested embryos and are hoping to get started right away. We are looking for someone who treasures compassion, communication and consideration to match with us. We want our surrogate to know that we will cherish and appreciate her for the special person she is. Being a surrogate is such a selfless act and we will forever be grateful to her (and her family) for going on this journey with us. We hope to maintain trust and open communication. We would love to grow a meaningful relationship with our surrogate and will provide the support and love she will need during this process. 

Thank you very much for reading our letter and considering us. We are truly grateful!


N and D

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