Dear Prospective Surrogate,

First, A and I want to say thank you for considering helping a couple who so desperately wants to be parents. We understand and appreciate the careful thought and consideration you took before moving forward in this process. We know it is not an easy decision for you or your family. We understand and have great compassion for the sacrifices you will make to help us fulfill our dreams of becoming parents. While J and I cannot wait to learn more about you, we want to tell you a little bit more about us. We are both from Middle Tennessee and currently live in Nashville with our cat babies. Our families are very supportive of our surrogacy journey and cannot wait to have another grandbaby in the family. We have a 3 year old nephew named Franklin, whom we adore, and look forward to introducing a new cousin and playmate someday. We consider ourselves to be a laid back, lighthearted and fun-loving couple who are compassionate, patient, and community minded. Some of our favorite things to do are explore new cities and cultures while traveling, watch reality tv, go to the movies, cook, play board games with friends, and make each other laugh.

J and I have been together for about 6 years and knew before we got married that we would use untraditional methods to grow our family. Due to a medical issue, we are unable to safety carry a pregnancy which eventually lead us to start looking into surrogacy. Even though the methods we will use to build a family are different from most, we have always embraced our journey and appreciated it for the adventure that it is. While at times it has been a tiring and heart-breaking process, we have always been thankful that we are navigating the experience together as partners. We have always been firm believers in the fact that there are multiple avenues people take to grow and become a family. We know whole heartedly that we are meant to be parents and will create a happy and loving home for our child.

Our hope as we continue to navigate this journey is to develop a close bond and friendship with the person who will help us grow our family. We hope to find someone who is calm, patient, and caring. As first-time parents, it is so special and important for us to be a part of appointments and milestones during the pregnancy. Please know that you will never have to worry about over communicating or giving us too many updates before, during, and after the pregnancy. We value and appreciate a great communicator! Thank you again for wanting to provide a beautiful gift that is surrogacy. We hope that you and your family will considering walking along side us in this journey.

– A & J

*Update A +J are excited to begin their second journey after welcoming a little one in 2022!