Dear Surrogate,

Thank you so much for your willingness to help us complete our family ! We are a married couple with two beautiful daughters we were so fortunate to have through IVF after years of fertility struggles. I am an only child and my husband comes from a large family (over 100 first cousins!) so we always knew it was important to us to have a large family! We spend a lot of time with our family. We get together with our siblings and their kids every weekend and it is so much fun for everyone. As an only child, I am extremely thankful my daughters have so many cousins to grow up with !

I am a clinical pharmacist currently working in specialty pharmacy. I love working in this part of the field because I can truly make a difference for my patients. My husband is an engineer currently working with the air force in defense and security.

We love spending time being active outdoors including biking, rollerblading, kayaking, hiking, and gardening. We are huge animal lovers. We have three dogs and a 50 lb tortoise that is a lot of fun! One thing that is important to us is we volunteer with a non-profit organization as trainers for dogs that are eventually placed as service dogs with children and veterans worldwide! As volunteer trainers, we take the dog as a puppy until they are almost two years old and their training is complete and they are placed with their forever families. So far we have helped four puppies become service dogs and while it is so hard to say goodbye to the dog it has been such a rewarding experience!! I enjoy live music and have been to several concerts (pre-covid of course). My favorite band is matchbox twenty and fun fact: their lead singer did our first pregnancy announcement!

My husband and I have been together since 2010 and we have done a lot of traveling together! We have had so many amazing experiences and love enjoying new foods and learning about other cultures. Our favorite trips include Thailand , Costa Rica , Kenya, Jamaica, and Hawaii to name a few ! We would love to continue traveling as a family once our children are older because we feel it’s important for them to experience other cultures.

My first pregnancy was smooth until induction turned into an unplanned c section. After my first daughter was delivered it was discovered I had unknowingly developed placenta accreta. I was told the only option was a hysterectomy but luckily a second doctor was able to save my uterus. I was assured it was a complete fluke and unlikely to happen again so we proceeded with transfer #2 as planned. All seemed well with my second pregnancy until once again placenta accreta and some other complications were discovered after delivery. Unfortunately, the second time was much, much worse and I had to have an emergency hysterectomy while I remained awake just so I could hold my daughter on my chest. I was unable to hold my first baby immediately after delivery due to the hemorrhaging and it’s something I still regret to this day so I was determined to have no regrets with my second and I’m so glad I stayed true to that plan.

We realize we are so lucky to have had success (twice!) with IVF but we also feel it is important for us to use all of our embryos that we created . Family is extremely important to us and brings us so much joy. While we are looking for someone to help us complete our family, we hope you will want to be a part of our lives too! We sincerely thank you for considering helping us complete our journey.

Alex and Ben

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