I have been in a loving relationship for over 9 years with my husband. We live in Georgia, and recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We have learned to love and live together as we continue to build and grow our relationship. We both have always loved kids and couldn’t wait to one day start our own family, despite that I was told as a teenager that a birth defect would keep me from ever carrying a child.

I am a pharmacist and I love my job. Being an essential worker during this pandemic has allowed me to help people in any way that I can. It has taught me to appreciate life and don’t take things for granted. I am a quiet and hard-working person. I like to watch movies, travel, and organize the house on my spare time. My husband works in IT and has a flexible work schedule that allows him to spend more time with our daughter. He loves to read and watch all kinds of sports, especially football. He loves being around kids and loves to make people laugh and can joke with anyone. He is a very sociable person and can get along with everyone.

We are lucky that both of our parents are within a thirty minutes of us. They are both very caring and supportive. We could not have grown to be who we are without their constant support. My side of the family is very close, and we regularly meet and stay in contact at birthday celebrations, weddings (a lot of weddings), and family reunions.

We have a truly diverse set of friends. “Friends are like family” is a saying I hear often and there is nothing truer than that. Our friends are incredibly supportive and have always been there for us.We are very big into traveling and exploring new places. Since 2016, we have been to India, Barbados, St. Lucia, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, not to mention all the travel within the US. We look forward to exploring many more places and showing our child all the special things the world has to offer. One thing we have learned is that our outlook on life can always be adjusted. Seeing different places and experiencing other lifestyles can give you a deeper meaning of life that has helped us appreciate our precious lives.

We understand this journey will not be easy, however the joy a child will bring is priceless. Our families are large with many young children and we cannot be more excited to add another one to the family. We went through the surrogacy journey for our first child and would love to do it again! We both have siblings and know how important it is to have someone else to play, argue, and be loving with. We all need someone to lean on. We would love for someone to give us our second blessing and to complete our family. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read our letter and to consider helping our family!

With respect and hope,

A + V